Commit to us on Direct Debit and it costs you just
£44 pcm over a year
£49 pcm
 over 6 months 
NO joining fee applies.
Join NOW and get these fees for as long as your term lasts.You're entitled to unlimited use of the Club, and all our classes, plus one BrainFit a month No appointments are necessary for your sessions - come in when you like, as often as you like!

                                    (also see fees below)


The Gym is at the heart of the club, along with my classes.

The amazing thing with the Club is our generous membership access, effectively meaning it’s open all year round, all hours*
I give you 2 sessions Induction training (if you need it). By the end of these sessions you’ll know how to use the machines effectively and the basics of weight training. (and much more (click link!)
If you feel out of condition this is the best start as you can pace yourself. From then on JUST ASK for further help by appointment I'll give you guidance/fresh ideas. we start gently and with an easy to follow programme

I like to think we’ve sourced some unusual machines that will suit all levels, to athletic standard
Here’s a brief resume of the  in house equipment:

1 Schwinn Airdyne AD8 Dual Action Air Cycle (cycle and arm levers)

1 Treadmill

1 Jacobs Ladder (like climbing a never ending ladder set at a 40 degree angle
1 Vision Stationary Bike
1 ‘X Bike’ (the top half moves, so stand up and replicate a mountain bike – working the core)
1 Versa Climber – like scaling a wall
2 Water Rowers – so nice we got two! 

1 Life Fitness Cross Trainer 

1 Johnsons Cross Trainer 
1 ski simulator - the only machine that works laterally!


BOWFLEX Xtreme 2SE A seated/standing Cable machine 
This is perfect as we have such a varied clientele - some need the stability of the chair and yet we know that cables are the way to go!

1 x Back Extensor

1 x KO8 Suspension training kit 

1 x pressup pal frame (standard full height pull ups, chin ups, dips and supine row, leg raises, knee raises, pull ups dips supine row, wide grip push ups and more):

We carry free weights (loads of them as we do classes with them!) to 20kg. 

Also in-house:


1 Reverse Hyper (superb for back, hamstring and glute strength - shown in picture)
1 x Leg Press/Hack Squat We carry Olympic discs to 160kg with a squat rack 

In addition I have had 20 years to collect a huge array of interesting equipment:
Steps, Pods, Battle rope, Kettlebells, resistance bands, body bars, The Surge (like a Viper, but water-filled), circuits ladders, RMT club, Indian clubs, and much, much more


CLUB FEES - Quite simply - 2 options:


NB -  option for OFF PEAK GYM ONLY

If you want only the gym and can come in from 12-5 and are happy to join over 2 years - its £30.00 pcm.

NB: We take all major credit cards at the Club.

* If I feel you have a medical issue that warrants it I will insist on being with you for your Gym sessions, therefore this may not be possible

Membership on d/d
Membership In advance:

You can also pay up front:
£440 for a year

£270 for 6 months
£150 3 months 

This entitles you to all you'd get on direct debit (see left) but saves you even more

Gym savvy Visitors are always welcome 

Call or text 07967 022 191 to arrange to use the Club today It's £10 per single session (you can stay as long as you want).If you'd like a week's access we can do a better deal for you; £29 all in 24/7 access

If you wish to use the Club over the Hay Literary Festival please book in plenty of time £50 for the Festival length 13 days