Embodied Yoga Principles - Workshop on Self-confidence


(Before) "hmmm slightly nervous. Haven’t been able to do any HIIT training for some time because of joint pain 😢 so hoping this is my salvation"
(After) Swimtastic Cat Wyllie-Fox great fun tonight! Full body workout at the level that suits you & kind to joints! 
What more do you need? Looking forward to next week T-A G

Fabulous new swimcanity class! SH

Cat - I really enjoyed this class and look forward to the course that starts next week. It was good fun but much more difficult than I thought - Water Aerobics it is not! You definitely need to have Aqua socks people!! FB

Great work out, kind on the body, but you know you’ve done a work out!! Can’t wait until next week 😁 LM

Great session thanks Cat! BJJ

SwimSanity, what a great time, loads of fun and splashing plus some serious work. And all in a warm pool. It doesn't get any better. Can we do it every day Cat? KL


Swimsanity is NEW, FUN and brilliant for fitness, weight loss and kind to existing injuries. You're going to love it! Please let me know you'll be coming as I have limited numbers and kit 
01497 822995 or email gymandtonichay@gmail.com


The Club:

Great mix of classes from Yoga to Pilates to Boxercise to Circuits.
Gym is well equipped and a great work out space. C.R

Gym & Tonic is great. it is friendly, welcoming and has a wide range of fab classes including yoga & Pilates which I attend regularly. Cat is a highly experienced health professional who encourages clients at all levels of fitness. It's a fantastic asset to Hay on Wye J.E


A fabulous local facility with the wonderful Cat. A great range of classes with something to suit everyone, and all the gym equipment you could need. Cat is always smiling, takes an interest in her clients and gets to know them all personally. Highly recommend to everyone

Well equipped gym and fun classes. As a new member I have felt very welcomed and look forward to attending more classes and developing my fitness. Cat is approachable and knowledgeable and I couldn't recommend this little Hay-on-Wye gym more highly.

I regularly attend this lovely gym and take Barre classes with the wonderful Cat. I always enjoy the workout and feel invigorated when I leave. Cat is very welcoming and always demonstrates how to adapt each move to suit everyone on all levels of expertise. 
I would not miss this weekly class and would recommend without reservation. B.Y

It's not like any health club you've ever been to, it has it's own ambiance which you just don't expect in a health club. For an independent gym, it has a LOT of things you can do, it has a lot to offer, you can even rent out a pool table! Would not hesitate to recommend. J.B

Super Gym, and Health club just off the main street in Hay, with a great range of classes to suit everyone. I started to attend about 18 months ago when we moved into the area. In the beginning, I was nervous about joining in classes at first, so used the great range of cardio, aerobic equipment and some weights, to start building up my fitness levels. It wasn't long before the obvious fun and enjoyment from participants in Cat's various classes got me curious so I started to join in some. Honestly, from yoga and pilates to boxing circuits and barre (ballet-based with a difference!), the classes are friendly, fun and a great way to either start the day, or begin the evening.
Cat, the owner and trainer, has a real gift for making you feel special. Her focus is on Mind AND Body, and she is dynamic, completely non-pretentious, and a genuinely nice person.
Membership is really flexible, or you can drop in and pay as you go. I am so glad to have discovered this fab place, and surprised there are still people out there who don't know it exists.
Final point...the club's activities are inclusive...ie for women and men, and age is no barrier! LA

Drop in classes and no need to book. Normally 9.15 and 6 pm for 45 minutes, Monday to Friday but see their web page for the full time-table. I love the fitness yoga class, pilates for beginners or with weights and the new Barre fusion class which uses elements from ballet but is geared around body conditioning. Good gym equipment too such as rowing machines, Jacobs ladder and cross trainers as well as weights and running machines if that's your thing. SH

I cannot tell you how much we have all enjoyed your gym. I've absolutely loved the classes too, so thank you very much for running such an awesome gym! We will all definitely be joining up again. E.H 

Fantastic achievement Cathy to get this place up and running and making it so beautiful too! The friendliness of the little gym has not been lost and all the extra luxuries are a huge bonus. Well done for having the vision and dedication to make this happen.   FH

I have been coming to Cat’s gym for six years. It just gets better and better.
I love the new gym, so stylish. The classes are fab; my (*ss) is lifting, my legs are
slimmer and all thanks to you Cat." PW
(she'd never do me one I can print off without **'s!! - tis the Irish!)


Having visited other gyms/leisure facilities and found them quite intimidating, Gym & Tonic is a revelation. Very friendly and inviting, with a genuine feel of interest in what is best for her clients. I am so pleased I finally got aound to coming along. AB

Congratulations to Cath & Gym & Tonic for keeping me inspired to keep exercising (& fit) through my second pregnancy and after. Turns out, 3 months after my baby arrived, I weigh precisely the same as I did 2 years earlier. Cath has helped me have no extra baby weight within 12 weeks of having a baby. And I feel fab! Many, many thanks for keeping me interested enough to keep at it. Now I’ll go home and have a biscuit – I’m 1lb under my ideal weight! LH


I really can’t believe I have not joined before!! I signed up to G&T’s two weeks ago, after reading an ad in Wye Local. I have been losing weight and thought this would be the perfect way to see off that last bit I wanted to lose, and tone what was left.Definitely the right choice! Cat was so helpful and helped me grow in confidence about my ability and how to work on areas that I never knew could be worked on!! Due to medical reasons I have had limited ability for many years – all that is now behind me (I hope) , and with Cat’s guidance I now know my confidence and ability will go from strength to strength!! Two weeks in and I can seriously see improvements and I have even been brave enough to attend classes which I love!! (even though at times I am not very good)! Never done anything like this before and I want to thank Cat for making it feel so easy and now I know I CAN!  S


(4 months in)....


I still think about how much help Cat has been since I started, and what a difference it has made to my fitness levels, tone and waist band. I am so glad I signed up, and still wish I had done it sooner – with Cat’s help I have found everything so natural and DO-ABLE!! S


Love coming early in the morning when it’s empty and singing along to my ipod very loudly and very badly. K x (oops my secret is out)!

One day I'd love to own a studio like this, it really does have everything you need. Alex. Personal Trainer and Zumba King! Bristol

After a couple of weeks of occasionally chatting to Cat, weighing up the pros and cons, I decided to join the gym for a year. I'd looked at a couple of gyms, particularly the big chain one in Merthyr, but the price seemed too high (£45 a month) and after being shown how to use the equipment if you wanted advice it would cost £50 for an hour with a personal trainer, prices I really couldn't afford. For £10 less than that a month, Cat put together a package for me which included regular Body Composition Analysis, advice on diet (eating more, but cutting out the wrong bits and increasing the good bits!) and a training plan that we reviewed every few weeks.

The gym is nothing like the big chains. It’s small in comparison but unlike those facilities, this gym offers a sense of family. You get to know the people you work out with and build a network of good friends. Cat not only helped me at the start, but guided through all aspects of my fitness journey, giving me the encouragement to exceed my targets and my routines fresh. The classes make sure I train (and recover fully) and the support from other gym users makes it a gym I look forward to going to daily! Here's to the next year!" Ed Davies


This Club is SO well equipped - and far nicer than the usual gyms we use. KK (Londonder)

The BrainFit Workout TM

BrainFit is, in my opinion, going to storm it. It's the 'missing element in the Fitness and

health world. Sessions leave me on a high for hours. I'm so lucky to be one amongst the

very first to take this out to the UK (I was on the very first course). Cat

Brilliant session, thanks Cat xx Jules E

It was brilliant. Did me the world of good. Exactly what I needed 😃 Vic H

It's brilliant !! This is such a great session and almost more important than any other part of the body. If my mind isn't right and fit I don't feel motivated to do anything else!
Thanks Cat for developing such an awesome class xxx Sal H


THAT WAS BRILLIANT! It would be great to do it once a week! Thank you Cat! U are the most driven and charismatic person which I ever met!!! Thank you 😊 xxx R.G

(Brilliant is a word we get often with BF which is not a bad thing!! Cat)


Cat's Gym and Tonic Health Club

I attended Cat's Pilates class today for the first time

Over the last 20 years I have exercised in many different ways - Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates etc.
This class was so different from any other I have ever been to.

What was so different today was the range and combination of movements. The class cleverly incorporated different methods of exercise - yoga, Pilates, stretching, breathing techniques, and relaxation. Cat explained the movements clearly and simply so that I understood the aim and target of each position. The flow of one movement into another created a powerful body awareness.
As I walked home my body felt wonderfully energised and relaxed at the same time!

Thank you Cat, for enabling me to have this uplifting experience. I was so impressed by your friendly, informal and professional manner. Your obvious knowledge of the human body and mind were brilliantly demonstrated in the dynamics of the class.

It is without hesitation I fully recommend Cat's Gym & Tonic.

Yeal Walsh. MCSP and ACPIRT (Physiotherapist) 10.6.17

Thanks Cat, love coming to Pilates on a Friday morning. The class is inspiring, always different, hugely beneficial and above all fun ! A.H

After 5 years of increasing back pain, and considerable muscle imbalance, I tentatively started Cat's Yoga and Pilates classes and a weekly gym routine. I also had regular theraputic massage (very painful at first), from Jay. The improvment in the pain, muscle strength and muscle imbalance after 8 months is unbelievable and I am now enjoying walking, horse riding and am planning to ski again, all of which I had put on hold. A big thank you to Cat and Jay. I am 65 now - so what will 70 hold?
Joyce Pringle. Chartered Physiotherapist.

Pilates really works! 3 months, 1-2 sessions a week and my torso had gone from egg-shaped to eggtimer shaped! Love it, thanks Cat. V

Loved pilates today - we must look so funny lying on those rollers!!

Yep pretty tough, but fun as always. And no pain no gain. Think I might ache tomorrow! SS

Abs on fire this morning after last night's 2 hours of training with Cat Lawford - weighted Pilates is a beast! — at Gym And Tonic Hay. Ed

This is a Testimonial from one of my regulars, Sandra. She is amazingly flexible, and one of my faves (especially after I got this!!). But it shows what Freestyle is all about...

In the cool light of day, I ask myself "Why Cat's (Freestyle) Pilates class"?........Easy.........Supportive and multi-levelled, so that, when you start, you can achieve, whilst being challenged to get better, stronger, more flexible, and all with superb encouragement. Who wants to look silly when you start? As you progress; more to achieve, more to aim for and the sense of satisfaction - 'can I really be this flexible, can I really be this toned, I feel so much stronger, can keeping fit be so much fun, and make you feel better all the time'?

There is a problem - it's addictive; you want to do more. I feel so much better after each class, physically and mentally.Thanks Cat. You make my week and you make me feel so good about myself.
You have a special skill. Treasure it. I do.

Barre Fitness

I run this session as a conditioning class - NOT choreographed dance(I LOVE dance, but after so many years of aerobics I don't have the time to do the choreography nowadays)It has proved to be a FABULOUS addition to our timetable - and works you hard (but easily accessible for all)I say it's what a dancer would do BETWEEN shows to keep fit. All welcome. Tutu's optional!  

It was great - can highly recommend this class! FB


Fantastic work out, demanding, and so helpful for the old body! LA


Great fun too. SH

Freestyle Fitness Yoga: What did I ever do before it? (Cat). 

Freestyle Fitness Yoga is shortlisted as a finalist in the UK Active Innovative Programme Of The Year Awards.
I am delighted, well done to the FFY team of instructors who pioneered the brand. Cat Lawford Sally Roebuck Jane Nichols (founder) Getukactive. 

A long one from a member:


Dear Cat,

As you know, academics are sad people who have to understand. in terrible detail, whatever it is they do. So I am trying to work out the different styles of Yoga available. I have been wondering what your style is and I think I have found it:

ROCKET YOGA: Also known as 'The Rocket', this is a style of yoga developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco during the 1980s. The original power yoga, Schultz's style was first called "Rocket Yoga" by Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead because "It gets you there faster!” It is rooted in the traditions of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, but with the hierarchy of the primary and intermediate series stripped away and restructured into an open, fun format. Therefore, rather than work through one series at a time as you do in Ashtanga Yoga, not moving onto the next series until you have mastered the first (which may not happen in a lifetime!), Rocket Yoga sequences poses from across the series together, offering modifications for practitioners to access them at different levels. A dynamic and very fast flowing paced class, Rocket is a contemporary physical form of Yoga that is not for the faint-hearted! Expect to move through a broad selection of poses, to sweat and to be challenged physically and mentally.
I was particularly taken by the words/phrases: FUN, SWEAT, CHALLENGED PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY, FAST FLOWING. BH


Just thought I'd let youi know the tabata last night did not leave me with aching arms as a result of the Tricep push ups like we thought. Mind you it was tougher than doing the usual pressups. But there again, anything that gives you a feeling of achievement and not pain must be good. BH


This tabata exercising starts of with you really thinking it's going to be easy. after the first 20 second exercise you get out of breath and have a short break. You then start the next 20 second exercise and get even more out of breath trying to keep up with the music. by the time you are getting to the end of the 4 minutes you are desperately trying to keep going never mind keep up. THEN! It's all over and you slowly feel as though you really have achieved something more than just running on the treadmill or pedalling the bike. You slowly start to feel good about it and decide that you can do it next time as it must get easier. After all it's only 4 minutes isn't it? BB


Yay, although this was a rough week for self care, I did manage to do Tabata training once last week!!!! Yay me! hehe, but I really think it helps.. My tummy is starting to tone and I'm sure it's a combination of drinking more water, Tabata training, free weights and acupuncture.. M


Weight & See: (now: The Bean & Banter)

"Very happy to say that as of this morning I'm 40lbs lighter. I started at 211lbs and this morning I was 171lbs! Thank you to all Weight&See girls and obviously Cat for keeping me accountable. I love our group and I couldn't do it without you. And can I add: THIS GIRL CAN!"                           E.G.


"Hi guys, I joined the W&S group last October with the one goal of losing weight, which I did very successfully. What I didn't plan for was that the programme totally changed my approach to nutrition and consequently I have found it really easy to maintain a sustainable healthy eating plan. I am delighted with the outcome. When we started back in January my goal was not only to lose a little more weight but, more importantly, I wanted to use the opportunity to maintain some self-discipline. I knew I had a very unpredictable period of time to manage. This was due to both personal and work issues but I felt confident that the group would keep me focused. To be honest, I was hesitant to start the K-tier plan and for the first 2 weeks I grieved for W&S as I knew it worked for me. However over the past 3 weeks my approach has changed and I have embraced K-tier and all it's elements. The problem I have is that, during this difficult personal period, I have not been able to have a consistent 'run' at K-tier. I know this will change soon and I am looking forward to that. With regards to my January goals, I have lost a little bit more weight and I have maintained my self-discipline which could have only happened by attending the Thursday  the Thursday sessions so I am so pleased."                                                                                     A.E

"Although I won't be able to join you for the next W&S I would like to tell you of my progress since the October W&S:

1. My greatest achievement is 'cutting out' alcohol, almost entirely, and I could not have done it without you Cat. You know more than anyone how long I've wanted to do that.
2. I am mindful of everything that goes into my mouth now and am now able to refrain from eating if I am not actually hungry. I still have 3 boxes of chocolates/biscuits left over from Christmas as I just don't feel the need to eat them. I want everything that goes in to be of value to me.
3. I am no longer a slave to the lunchtime sandwich. In fact I barely eat any bread at all. It's just lost any appeal. Proof that we can change a habit of a lifetime.
4. I no longer have to finish everything on my plate, again, changing a habit of a lifetime. I finally know when enough is enough.
5. I am taking regular exercise. When I say regular I mean a good long walk, preferably up a mountain, once a week (if possible). Nothing too major and unsustainable and am now able to do it without struggling for breath and sweating profusely so I must be getting fitter all the time.The results of all this is a staggering 18lbs weight loss!!! It sounds massive and it is! I'm just beginning to feel the benefits but it is a steady loss and the changes I've made are sustainable so I am confident that my inch loss will continue. Although I haven't actually measured myself yet I can fit into a pair of jeans I haven't been able to for ..... a looong time.So I wish you all the best of success and hope to join a future meeting with you all. JH 16.9.14

Cat, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been trying to lose weight for so long with endless hours on cardio machines. I lost a little bit of weight and put it back on. Since doing my weights program I'm losing inches and I love it. Just tried my smaller trousers and they fit! From size 18/20 I'm now size 14 M&S and we all know M&S is a smaller size shop then any of the other clothes shops! I'm on Cloud 9 today!  I love the W&S program and I'm starting to feel fantastic! I bought my Gym Instructor course, too ..... all I say 'bring it on'  see you in the gym   E.G. 7.3.14                                                                      



Good luck to all of you doing the 'Weight and See'. I have done it and it was fantastic! Cat was brilliant - so full of knowledge and VERY approachable. I made some simple lifestyle changes and lost over one stone in weight. More importantly though, gained information which helped me to make healthier choices. Thank you Cat. x Theresa Mason‎  7.12.13                                                                                                      



Progress so far: Done good Cat. Lost 11lbs and still going. Have a new habit now- not drinking tea (with 2 sugars) other than one first thing. Sounds crazy but not having has actually become a habit and I am even enjoying hot water with couple of slices of lemon. Had hideous headaches for two or three days then nothing. Usually I have some degree of Athlete's Foot and now none for the first time since I can't remember when. First couple of weeks I slept like a log and, although I have reverted back to a somewhat more eratic pattern, I just don't feel tired. Have been flat out at work and home and feel permanently ready for anything. The gluten-free thing has been the norm for me for some time anyway and I don't eat substitute breads etc. but I do use almond, rice and coconut flour in baking etc. Luckily alcohol also wasn't something I had to avoid as I rarely drink anyway.Very pleased with outcome so far as injury has prevented exercise for 6 weeks now. Also on my week 3 I was on the sofa for a week with the lurgy and whilst I stayed with the plan I didn't expect any weight loss but was suprised! Hope to get back to my 3 sessions a week of Kettlebells and additional strength training sessions soon then will feel whole again. I think state of mind is key to success not to think of it as a challenge or as giving things up but as an exciting new opportunity with exciting results. Target weight loss 1 stone so chasing that now. Either way I am nearly 56 and feeling 26!!


I hope it will be useful to someone to say although I didn't have a dramatic response to "Weight & See" (maybe partly because I was already caffeine free and had been losing weight steadily for 6 months already), I have noticed I am generally 1. calmer, 2. happier, 3. steadier, 4. more peaceful than I have ever been before. NICE!   HK 07/06/13



So, done the 1 month challenge. I am really enjoying how energetic I feel so will keep up the regime and can see me sticking with this as a way of life. In the month I have dropped just short of 12 lbs and best of all it has come off the places that I wanted it to - belly, butt and hips and not off the boobs -yay! The recipes, advice and support are all fantastic and I can honestly say that I have, and will continue to, enjoy the whole process.  Cat - mwah, mwah!!! A.F.


I definitely think I can have rice milk for breakfast for the rest of my life! I look forward to breakfast now. I have gluten free muesli, porridge oats & corn flakes. lovely!! x E


Wow, I did really well! This seems to be suiting me and its not too difficult to do. Big thanks to Cat for all the support. I need to stop now, I'm starting to sound like Kate Winslet at the Baftas!!  A.F.


Hi. Still going good. Still sticking to it. I don't think about it anymore, not so much a diet it's just the way I shop and cook now. Easy...Weight is coming off slowly and steadily, lost 10 lbs now. Best of all I've lost 1 inch off waist and 2 inches off hips!!! Yay! Nothing off boobs so far so OH pretty pleased. Lol. Gonna have to go out and buy a new pair of jeans soon (what a hardship...)!  JH


There is so much information and research out there with regards to health, fitness and nutrition, etc... that it is sometimes mind boggling and who knows what to believe!!!! Weight and See has given me an insight into how to take steps to create a balance to improve my health. I may have not dotted the i's and crossed the t's on the course, but it has provided a foundation to which to develop....!
During the course, I have hit some hurdles as opposed to jumping them...but you have another go and you succeed, it may take a few gos....but eventually you do get over!
I perhaps did put too much pressure on myself, but have realised that and know for next time...and there will be a next time! Motivation was the biggest hurdle.... but realising it I am determined to work on it!! With regards to nutrition... I know I need to work a bit harder on that front... but again, I need to take small steps to achieve the bigger goal!!! KW


Many thanks Cat, for all the hard work you put into these courses. The information you pass on IS life changing. I have learnt so much and changed some very bad habits. I have lost a bit of weight, but more noticeable is that I have more of a waist now, and my clothes are more comfortable. Also, I have dramatically reduced my intake of red wine, and feel much better for it. Looking forward to the monthly catch up sessions to keep me focused." SS


WOW What a Course!
So much information. All of it makes sense and all of it, with a bit of planning, is easy to implement.
As a Personal Trainer I read an awful lot about nutrition and I find myself going round and round in very confused circles. Cat's information has certainly put it back into focus.
I love the information on adrenal fatigue and metabolism boosters in week one - there is so much more to healthy eating than losing weight and by focusing on these I think most people would find the weight loss just happened. For me the motivation to eat healthily for more energy and fewer colds has always far outweighed the idea that it is a means to an end simply for weight loss.
Week 5 is EASY! I have done a 28 day elimination diet with many of my clients which left me, and them, with headaches, bad moods etc etc for the first few days whereas Cat's way of easing us towards the detox week means all these nasty stages are simply bypassed.
Overall very impressed Cat - love it! And will definitely be recommending it." - Maggie Ayre (Personal Trainer)


For anyone doubting this can work - i have just completed 4 weeks (on my 5th!) and never thought I'd stick to it! but I've found it great - feel fantastic - all my mood swings have gone, i have more energy plus I've lost inches and weight. It is a life changing diet, I won't go back to dairy now or wheat, and meat is very limited, and I miss none of them! Really, Really fantastic way of living. And believe me, i never thought I would I would change the way i eat! Give it a go. I promise you won't regret it! PS The support is fantastic too. :-) Cheers Cat xx" CD



9 days now with no tea & coffee, no headaches, & not missing them at all now, started recipes on Friday, *& I must say they are fab, have enjoyed everyone i have had, my stomach feels
great, no bloating, i think this is the right diet for me, thanks Cat. x DW


"The point I am trying to make is that this is a very sustainable way of eating for me. I know I would be a million times healthier etc. but if I had to drink soya milk for the rest of my life I would go and stick my head in a deep fat fryer! However with a few changes I've found a level that I'm really comfortable with. I accept that this rather negates the benefits of a total detox but I just wasn't disciplined enough to stick to it
so strictly for the final few weeks. I've made so many positive, permanent (and enjoyable) changes to my diet and I'm really pleased! Thank you Cat!" NP


Thank you Cat for putting me on the right track to feeling amazing, who knew i could feel this good with out diet coke? FMH


I definitely have more energy, and I have not missed bread at all which I find incredible because it was definitely a problem for me before. And drinking lots and lots of water; although I haven't lost any weight yet my body feels "cleansed" already. The next thing I have to tackle is the exercise. Although I have increased the amount I do, it's not enough. JH


I feel great & seem to have a lot more energy….I cannot believe since I have been on Weight & See I have not craved for chocolate, or anything sweet. It's a Miracle, & by the way we loved the circuit training Friday night,our legs are killing us at mo, lol, but will come again when I am back from hols. DW


After 4 weeks I have lost another 3lbs making 5lbs. in total, not huge but significant and I feel as if the weight loss has been greater. I have lost 1 inch from my waist and the same from my thighs. Trousers feel much looser and in some cases too big even though my hip measurement appears not to have changed. Although I haven't lost anything in my bust measurement, jumpers and tops feel more roomy which must be down to the improvement in toning. SS


I'm fine, VERY happy with this course, my stomach has gone down by AT LEAST 15% and I have only been doing it for 11 days:)(u can see my muscle tone again wooohooo). I have given up bread, crisps, sweets and lowered my alcohol intake. I am feeling very fit and excited as to what I will look like in 9 weeks' time :):)


Hi Cat I took your Weight and See class at the Parish Hall in Hay, but I really feel that I need more ongoing support and so am thrilled that you have set up this online version. Is it possible to have this be an ongoing support program throughout the year? ML


I'm happy to kick this one off. It's only week 3, but I can see and feel changes already. On day 2 (yes, day 2), I felt a huge weight lift around my sinuses. I wasn't expecting that one. I didn't even know they had been blocked! And by the end of the week my energy levels were completely changed. Whereas before, I would have considered myself a night owl, I'm now up with the lark, craving early nights, feel really switched on and have loads of energy throughout the day.
The gym sessions have been great: hard enough to make you feel like you've had a good workout, yet easy enough to follow so that you stay interested. I'm enjoying it all so much that I even went out for a run on my own today for the first time in years.
The Weight and See group is fun too. Such a great group of people. Even though we're all mostly strangers, everyone's really great at sharing tips and advice, and offering support when it's needed. You don't feel as though you're on your own, which helps your chances of sticking with it and succeeding.
And the weight loss... Well, it's only week 3 and there's a little way to go yet, but I can
already see a difference. My stomach has shrunk for one thing, and my jeans are feeling
looser too. Bring on week 10! Love-in over and out!"


The recipes are great and I am not missing meat or dairy products.
[We take these out for a just a week].


I, like Gemma have Cat's weight & See instant programme and the recipes are fab.  I can see I'm going to be up to my armpits in soups and humus this weekend. B


I love salad with nuts for lunch and wil not be changing that.I intend to stick to herbal teas for which I have developed a real liking and I will only drink the occasional coffee,which,amazingly I am not missing at all. I have really amended my wine drinking to almost nothing and plan to stick to this lower consumption.The 4 weeks has been sufficiently long to establish new habits which I am pleasantly surprised at. I am totally addicted to exercise and feel much better after a strenuous session. SS


I will recommend this regime as a way to get more control of your body,to get better toned,to feel good and to lose some weight.Who knows as I continue with it I might become a mere shadow of my former self! Well done Cat its a really good thing to have instigated.        SS


The first week has been a major change for myself as I love diet coke. I did have a slip-up yesterday and drank some which I did not enjoy. I am now getting into the habit of drinking water regularly which I am now starting to enjoy, I prefer it cold.So I can say there are some changes …my body feels different, much leaner and more toned especially my tummy, and this has led me to seriously consider going wheat-free forever!! I used to have thin days, bloated days and VERY bloated days but now I just have a constant flat tummy and I'm loving it!   FMH


Cat has been a huge support since I signed up with the gym and has helped me work on so many areas that I never thought I could change. This plan is hopefully that little bit extra that I need. Watch this space and WEIGHT AND SEE!!!!" SP


That's great news Cat! [that we're doing more live versions]...I have been to other weight related types of meetings, but yours just seem more better:) I'll be in soon to re-start my membership



Re: The Fat Wall:

I have found it really cathartic, and it has reminded me of lots of things that I had just forgotten.

I am feeling ridiculously emotional this weekend, and keep blubbing. It's either due to my massage with Jay on Friday, or I have been drinking too much water!!! A good long walk would be good I think and the weather is fab today. Cat I really think that I am at the start of a complete life change, and can only thank you for the encouragement, the expertise and your generosity x x T.M

This is fantastic hun!!!!! I'm sure going to try and keep to this programme. :-) x RD

For anyone doing this is is not as hard as is first thought. Have done the Weight and See programme with Cat and surprised myself at how much sense it makes and how your body doesn't ACTUALLY crave 'bad' food....your brain just reckons it does! 


Before, willpower had been the hardest thing to crack for me...once I said no to something that first time, I found that I could control it. I feel so much better for feeling in control of what I eat, rather than thinking that my stomach controls me!"


Good luck to everyone doing it....I'm gonna nail it again after all that Christmas stodge!  LC


Since starting Weight and See - the inspiring and empowering lean version! - I have definitely increased my water intake and drinking more herbal teas; I have greatly reduced meat, sugar and bread, caffeinated drinks and alcohol. I have increased my seafood intake and raw green veg. But getting enough sleep and good rest continues to be an issue due to family stresses. However, I am de-stressing more.. and am going to drama, doing knitting and crochet, listen to relaxing music and inspirational tapes, singing karaoke, and doing other creative things, getting detox massage from Jay at the gym. Still need to get back to moving more, but have joined weekly beginner's pilates, which I've surprised myself with being able to do a lot of moves that I thought I wouldn't be able to do since my knee operation. I also do workout at home more than before, getting on bike and doing small weights. I'm going to make a wheel of life this week and work on that, but looking at the other things I've missed. ML

Re: Bootcamp: (now over as I wanted Saturdays back!) - but we still do them occasionally;


I joined Cat's Fitness Boot Camp last Saturday morning, and I have to say it was a fantastic experience. I struggle to get in to the gym during the week (not giving up because I am determined to get fit while losing weight, I have lost about 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks) but the Saturday morning early rising to get to the boot camp was great! Boot camp was very motivating but I think I needed another organized out door activity the next day, so next time I am going to plan to go for a swim the next day.

I have had a 10 year struggle with weight and fitness. The process has been quite demoralizing as it coincided with starting a family. At first I didn't worry about the weight gain, as I had always been able to manage my weight without really seeming to think about it. Now I struggle to stay motivated even though I have good reasons to want to lose the weight. My doctor said that it's hard to lose weight unless your headspace is right or if there is a lot of stuff going on in your life, but boot camp was a good step towards motivating myself. Helping me clear my head. Thanks Cat!

(this is from a Bootcamp we run occasionally at the weekends - if you are interested in a Bootcamp with accomodation for the whole week please go to the links page - Cat)


I weighed myself this morning on my own scales and according to my scales I have lost 5 1/2lbs! Went into work this morning and a few people commented that they could tell I had lost weight and looked glowing! Thank you, Thank you! VL - from the residential Bootcamp over 3 1/2 days


Well done all of you! Everyone is doing so well. I too got home and weighed myself again this morning and I have lost half a stone. Simon said I looked noticeably slimmer, and my tummy feels taught. The feeling is so addictive I am off to the gym tonight for a run and a class to keep the effects going. The food was what I struggled with most, so I have kind of adapted the foods recommended and added back some of my own as I don't react to wheat in a bad way at all. But the exercise regime is definitely staying with me. I have my uggs with me to go for a half hour walk at lunch time too!The most fun I have had sober.Love and huge support to all!
"The Reluctant Achiever" JV From the residential Bootcamp over 3 1/2 days

The Belief Leap:

This is the missing bit of the puzzle, a way out of the maze of thinking and doing and repeating patterns and being stuck. This mindset helps you to the next level and beyond with a massively supportive, caring and dynamic teacher. If you are serious about yourself and serious about change, do this course. HK


Life changing, powerful, dynamic and FUN! S.T

Cat’s enthusiasm and sincerity are more than evident – and in equal measures! Coincidentally or not, my life took a number of upward turns within days of my first session with Cat and I attribute these at least partly to the improved mind-set I came away with each time. CH

Helping me to change my own mindset has demonstrated to me just how powerful a person I can be.
It's shown me how to overcome my fear of change and how to move forward. S.H 


The Belief Leap is a positive, empowering and practical course that helps participants realize their potential in a supported yet self determined way. ML

Definitely empowering Cat Your course really helped me get back on top today. Thanks everyone! SH

A thought provoking course with a relaxed approach. Give it a go, you will be able to find positive strategies to heal your life. V.M.

A great course for bringing mind and body together, and identifying areas of personal growth, with a difference. 
Cat brings her enthusiasm into the course and helps you make that 'Belief Leap!' SH


Loved it! If I can remember it I think it will be useful dealing with how overwhelming I find life!


Feeling alert And eager to try it out . It will be very useful for me. Thank you


OMG!!! Really enjoyed, Loved the teaching and reflection - I can see this making a positive difference. Would definitely love to explore more through workshops. Would love to do something with the kids.


Interesting and inspiring! Yin feels more “comfortable” But yang needed, so will work on it.


Very effective, empowering poses and useful strategies for work and personal life. I'll definitely be using them Thank you, Cat


Find it inspiring, helpful , calming

Charlotte found this really helpful for school - Thank you X


Found Yin positions Very powerful. Would like a workshop on self love


Very enjoyable and informative. I will use the techniques as a way to focus and start a new project that I am struggling with.

8/7/19 Dear Cat

I know this is out of the blue, but I wanted to write and thank you for all the work you did with me all those years ago and the support you've given me since.


I'm currently at a retreat, working on mind-set and body, and it dawned on me how lucky I was to have you as my local gym owner.

The work you do, the knowledge and wisdom you have, are light years ahead of others and I'm so sorry it's taken me several years , several Gyms and a complete and utter detox (no Wi-Fi/signal – bliss!) to realise.


You’re an incredible, inspirational, and beautiful person and I now realise I will be eternally grateful to have met and worked with you


Keep on being you

Ed D