Death and the facing thereof

August 14, 2019

Have you ever struggled to make sense of the purpose of your life or felt at a standstill when asked what your goals are? Ever feel like it’s all speeding by and you’re not really sure how to get off the treadmill? Do you need inspiring as to where you’re heading? (inspired by YOU!),

Do you dread getting to the end of your life and wishing you’d done or seen more?


With the workshop I’m doing in September we’ll be covering some powerful stuff, and much of it will help to address the fundamentals of this - and all will be pertinent to you and you alone.  The last workshop in EYP (Embodied Yoga Principles), was a fantastic success (see testimonials, and this one will prove to be stronger again. You need never have done Yoga before – and this is not just Yoga – it’s inspired from Tai Chi, Martial Arts and Dance, but is actually more the Psychology behind these disciplines rather than movement itself. (so normal clothes can be worn).


On the last session - I asked what they’d like to cover next time and a popular request was ‘growth’. But it’s so hard to work out in which direction you need to expand. Help is at hand this time - as nothing is more galvanising and makes you focus better than a Death Meditation!


It’s deep work and perfect before EYP as you’ll then have a better idea of how to USE EYP to suit your own ends. If you’ve recently had a bereavement you may wish to avoid this workshop (and tears may be shed in any case). I am qualified to know what to do if you react. EYP is exciting and very much usable at home – in fact the more workshops you can make with me, the more of the 26 poses you’ll learn and be able to practise. The more you can do that the more ‘embedded’ they become, and you’ll learn how you can adapt them to use anywhere at any time whenever you need them most. Each posture is a ‘gateway’ to access an archetypal essence which can be surprisingly powerful emotionally and jn generating insights (especially as we have mini debriefs with each other which really helps to ‘set’ when you’d need each one most!


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