EYP exciting times ahead

May 15, 2019

How are you today? 
No, I really mean it. 

I ask because I’ve just come back from the best course I ever did, (in Brighton for 5 days). I had NO IDEA I was so frazzled and so in need of a break until I got there. I was also (looking back), somewhat depressed and felt I’d ‘lost my way a little bit’.

I now realise I was ON my way but hadn’t called yet recognised it! I felt I was taking the ‘soft option’ with my training (walking, yoga and Pilates with a little metabolic thrown in). I wasn’t sure felt best with nutrition (only to relax, and eat pretty clean)

I arrived full of trepidation but immersed myself and discovered along with many hugs and smiles I was amongst an incredible group of warm, fellow trainees (20 of them, and four tutors) and immediately felt complete trust.

It was called Embodied Yoga Principles, (EYP), and was really well thought out. It was at once emotionally turbulent, (death meditation, anyone?), playful, meditative and revealing.

I was surrounded by experienced yogis, (my Yoga is fitness based), and therapists, ALL of them were down to earth, non judgemental and welcoming. In fact, my particular brand of Yoga stood me in good stead as I’m so used to working totally freestyle: ie with different paces, with my own sequences, and flows (a lot of the course was asking very well practised Yogis to adapt to change and deliberately pull away from their normal practise). So using fire water earth and air with what they normally do came easily to me!

And the purpose? EYP looks at HOW WE ARE. It looks at the body as an ‘I’ not an ‘it’. It takes Yoga OFF the mat and into our daily lives. 
It’s not a ‘style of Yoga’ but a set of principles in which we take asana (poses), - 26 of them – and asks ‘where do we want to be’, and embody – right into your deepest layers - the asanas MOST suitable to take you there.

Mark - who developed this course has been teaching yoga for many, many years and also has a degree in psychology - as well as a background in martial arts - so has blended these poses and tweaked and honed them until they’re perfect.

These are all quite fluid, in that what you need one day, might be quite different to the next. And each pose (13 Yin and 13 Yang) can be interpreted to suit you.

With practise this gives you emotional insight, so helps you to self-regulate (say) cravings, fight or flight, or indeed noticing your own early warning signs that all is not well.

Making new futures for yourself (imagine working through what is holding you back and the ramifications of breaking through all that?). I can now see with absolute clarity what my direction needs to be (embrace the YIN kind of coach I am, and stop feeling bad about being less yang!! I abandoned the competitive side of sports many years ago so enjoy that, and rejoice in being different!). 

LOOK OUT for my Workshop 8.6.19 'Womens Confidence builders'



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