The 21/90 rule

January 12, 2019

I met a friend for lunch today. She’s also a new client, LOVING it all, really enthusiastic, throwing herself into 3 classes a week. I texted her earlier to say she is BORN to do Yoga but just didn’t know it!


We talked about many issues – our pets, favourite walks, a very short chat on the joys of shopping in Merthyr, our views on Brexit (joking!)… and then why she’d hesitated to join the Club for 3 years!

Three looong years when she could have been getting fit! HOWEVER. There is no sharper or more galvanising learning curve for me than scrutinising, with a pal kind enough to take the time, and honest enough to share her thoughts; exactly what is in the mind-set of those who are hesitant, because from these observations I can improve my services, and have more meaningful conversations with prospective clients!

I think from what we said, that some of the most powerful pointers I have made before but she made some extremely interesting observations.

A familiar one first:

In essence – to overview what you want long term is essential BUT you then need to break it all down into manageable chunks. It’s the same as GIVING UP a bad habit isn’t it. Say you’re ‘doing it for life’ and it seems too overwhelming. Take it one day at a time (if needs be one hour at a time) and it’s do-able. It is said that it take 21 days to make a new habit and 90 days to make a new lifestyle. I’d verify that to be true. So why not try SOMETHING and mark off those 21 days? But what she added to this is: BE KIND to yourself as you do it!

Don’t over anticipate results. Don’t measure. And I love this: Go with what you FEEL, not what you see. (Wise pal, right?). Her thoughts over those 21 days were also to be CONSISTANT, but to also make it manageable. Again – this is so sensible. She noted that over those 3 years she made every single excuse to herself under the sun and that what she really needed to do was critique each one and find answers to them. This is the meaning of mindful isn’t it? See you soon?!

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