Convey your Forté!

January 12, 2019

Recently I saw an appeal on another wonderful local resource - the Hay Community Page. (FB)

The enquirer was looking for recommendations for a good massage. The list grew longer and longer with names. Who knew there were so many body workers around Hay?!

But not ONE person actually asked the most important question: What KIND of massage?!

Much time would have been saved had they (or the respondents), queried this because there is: Thai, Sports, Swedish, Hot stone, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu….et al.. all providing a completely different service, as all the body workers would agree! For example: do they have an injury, want to deeply relax, need unbinding?!

It's the same with sports injuries: recommending a Trigger Point therapist (say), for an issue an osteopath should see, is a total waste of the client’s money, (but I’ve seen that too)! But those of us providing a service also need to also place ourselves really well in our marketing to be completely clear about what we provide, and where our expertise lies.  
Personal Trainers will offer completely different services depending on where they like to specialise, and a great deal will depend on our original training providers too. (and they change their content year by year)

There’s a vast amount to cover but we will have studied: Optimal Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise (circuits design, gym instruction, weights), maybe Sports Therapy, Exercise for special populations (Pre/Post natal for example), Weight Management, Doctors referrals, and that’s just the basics (I even did sports massage!).
We might then take extra modules to enhance our skill-set, and add in to what we decide is our forté. Before I did PT I’d started out as an exercise instructor (Aerobics) so I’m sympathetic in modifying for the less conditioned clients, (I was used to the crazy women on the front row who needed peeling off the ceiling, to the ladies hiding at the back unsure of which direction to go – and I’m the same at a presenter’s master class!).

Other trainers might specialise in Weight training for men, (say), or more the outdoor activities. I’ll happily refer a client on if we don’t ‘fit’ well.


I’m a multi plane movement and postural expert, with many tools to help me, predominantly serving female clients, providing all you’d expect from an experienced PT (but, I like to think, a little extra too)!






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