Defiant client!

January 11, 2019

Ever joined a health club? Did you last? Was it mine?!
I ask as I’ve been musing lately on all the clients I’ve taken on over the years, ascertaining in my own mind where things have gone right / gone awry.
If every gym client stayed I’d have over 1400 in by now. That is certainly NOT the scenario, so what goes wrong? It’s my 20 year anniversary this year in health and fitness and I’m fascinated by the science and mind-set of those who stick at it (I’ve seen client’s pregnancy bumps go to University!), and those who cross the street if they see me!
With January coming up and potentially my busiest month, it might serve us both, if I shoot from the hip!

Now I certainly don’t have all the answers but I DO have an awesome system at the club which SHOULD work. Here’s what happens: When a client joins up, after two comprehensive Inductions with weights and cardio machines, I will then ALWAYS say: as soon as you plateau, tell me, I’ll always be there for you to give you more, with brand new programmes. JUST ASK. Oh, and PLEASE join as many classes as possible for the magical cross training effect – and to see what you LOVE! Plus, hook in to the club’s systems: the seminars for all I’ve got on motivation, nutrition, willpower, cooking, fat loss, and attend BrainFit for a huge ego boost. Come in just ONCE A WEEK, no matter what, just to keep your hand in! I beg you: get off your scales but do Body Composition Analysis with me.

The reality (which can be soul destroying for me): Client runs on a treadmill. That’s all they want. They never try classes, never ‘hook in’. Reject any advice on progress. Client gets bored. They leave L Or: Client starts all guns blazing. Comes to everything! LOVES IT! Miss a week. Feel they’ve ‘blown it’. Never see client again. Or: Client loved Ballet as a child. Urge client to come to Barre. Client feels she is ‘too big’ or klutzy to start. Client loses momentum, feels demoralised. Client has no idea that we are all too focused on our own workout to notice body shape of others! All the time clients avoids classes they could have been getting awesome fitness! Join me. Embrace all we do.


Stay :-)

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