Are you Insane? Work every plane!

July 2, 2018

When a new client joins the club we’ll show them 12 cardio machines on their first session, and then start with a simple but effective weights programme on their second. 
We also teach progression. 
A client can ask for further instruction and new ideas at any time.

But I also PRAY they’ll also start to explore the many classes. Why? 
All but one machine moves you in the Sagittal (forward) plane. The exception is the ski simulator, which moves you in the frontal plane - lateral). With weights and the Bowflex (cabled multi gym), we can be far more creative, moving you against resistance. All good. After Inductions, what often happens is a client will either be confident to continue on their own as they’re gym savvy (some want NO Induction) – OR anxious to attend classes as they feel everyone else will be fitter than them! Either way what can happen with no intervention – is they might start to create imbalances.

I see this scenario frequently:

a client, if left to their own devices, may (say), run for a while, then work their abs every day, thinking they’ll end up with; ‘good cardio output’ and ‘wash board tum’. They crunch, pike and leg raise, and on a good day might perform planks (again – all in the sagittal plane). 
HUGE gaps in major muscle groups might be omitted. In addition – running on the treadmill will actually weaken glutes as the belt is taking the hip into extension FOR them. Their lumbar (lower backs) - the opposing muscle - might never get a look in. The oblique’s (sides) are neglected (lack of rotational or transverse plane movement).

Eventually - this can lead to injury and pain. 
Only today I met a visitor who had serious shin splints in the past so now never does any impact work. I explained to him his amazing calf muscles were (historically), getting all the action but the tibial (shin) muscles NOTHING! (so I gave him an exercise to strengthen these – walking barefoot on his heels!).

We all need MULTI DIRECTIONAL movement, MULTI DIRECTIONAL STABILITY, and less OVERKILL (Abs every day? Work elsewhere!). In the classes however the magic happens: We work in EVERY plane. We work with the entire body. You are motivated! Try it!



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