June 20, 2018



Did any of you see ‘The Truth About Carbs’ (6/6/18, on BBC1)? 
Finally a programme that was interesting, informative and accurate on the subject of nutrition. (although there will always be room for debate)


It started by stating exactly what I said last month:


Going without carbs can make some people miserable with no energy - yet others are fine - which is why it is NEVER a good idea to advocate a one size fits all approach to diet and nutrition.


However: generally in the UK/USA we’re WAY overdoing crazy carbs!

But also: not all carbs are the same, and that is what this programme demonstrated really well. Cars were not altogether demonised. Learning to eat carbs with a little background education has to be a good thing surely, (and why I always felt knowledge really IS power, just being told what to do will not serve you). 
Making the right decisions day in day out; knowing what will satiate you, avoiding those that will lead to our piling on body fat, even affect our fertility and raise our risk of T2 diabetes, (reversed in an experiment in the programme – but this is nothing new to those of us immersed this subject).. can only come if you know what to do!


So where are you on this tolerance spectrum?

Most people have an enzyme within their saliva called amylase, which has the ability to cut apart big and bulky starch molecules into simpler sugars, which are then available for energy. Some lucky people have 50 x more than others! (Some have none at all).

Here’s an easy test you can do to find out more: 
The Cracker Test (it’s been around for some time):

You need a pen and timer.


Here goes: Chew on a plain, unsalted cracker (or a slice of peeled plain raw potato), until it changes from bland to quite sweet. If the taste changes in less than 14 seconds you are able to process carbs effectively and you can eat up to 250g per day. 15-30 seconds makes you moderate – you can go to 175g per day. 30 seconds or more you’d be best on a low carb protocol. (you’ll probably already know you are not a carb king or queen!).

And whilst we're on the subject - look up ‘Resistant Starch Foods’. I'll do a follow up soon!

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