Are you even noticing?

May 14, 2018


A quickie on my favourite subject: nutrition:


Looking at how food affects the body shape, energy, and health!

What prompted this was, this morning I was showing a lad (very fit, early 30’s, very clued up), the Bowflex (multigym), and he asked what he could do for his obliques as he ‘hates that area’. (He is in seriously good shape but we all have our bugbears). 

So I advised him with an exercise he can do on the Bowflex, (Woodchopper), with Freeweights (Oblique squeeze), and one with some heavy duty resistance bands using the rail outside (reverse rotation)....all good and there's plenty more I could show BUT there's more to this than exercise. Far more (you guessed it)!..

So I asked him “What’s your nutrition like?” 

"Pretty good" he answered.

“It’s just that carbs and sugars can really show in this area” I advised. The panic rising in his eyes, he explained he LOVES pasta and didn’t want to forego it! I advised: “You don’t have to let it go completely, just use it wisely (such as post-workout), but bring it right down and use good fats and oils to satiate instead, LOTS of veggies and adequate protein. 

See how that goes!


It’ll work for sure and I MIGHT see if he wishes to hone it further (for further definition and health - it depends what's important to clients).


More on carbs and their effects:


A few weeks ago I did a seminar on carbs - based on a quiz to determine how much we all need but at an individual level, because some thrive on Ketogenics (really low carbs), successfully yet some suffer and feel really ill or have no energy on it, and can do well on ‘good’ carbs in their daily foods).

The first question I asked was how they’d FEEL in terms of energy after certain breakfasts were consumed (High mid and low carb). MANY in the group had NO IDEA how they’d feel! I find that fascinating as I'll always notice! (but then I'm a saddo!)


One morning I had a course in Manchester. I got up at 5 a.m so I'd not stress getting there. That's really early for me but I felt really awake! I thought I’d better eat something to keep me going. All I had in was a roll so I had that with jam. (I know, I know!). 
An hour later I could have honestly fallen asleep at the wheel! That tells me plenty about what I should AVOID in future.


It’s interesting how foods affect our health too. Example: if you get a headache don’t just mindlessly reach for the paracetamol. Try water first, (that will often cure it), and ask yourselves what you ate that day/week. It’s this kind of thing we need to start noticing. Recently I started to get excruciating headaches - I literally couldn't turn my head! I was also eating out lots. Chefs add a lot of salt to their foods and we have no idea how much. I never use salt at home. After a little detective work (simply noticing this) - I only ordered things I could judge saline content. Headaches have completely gone! (I also ordered test strips so I can double check where I am)


Look if you're in great shape (wherever you want this to be) and are never suffering from any ailments, yet eat rubbish I'll shut up!


Nowadays I don’t really advocate any particular protocol – only that a client starts to play detective and eat mindfully. 

We have one life only!


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