Metabolic makeover!

February 14, 2018

Most of my clients are so willing to try the classes I offer across the board (so it’s not ‘just’ the gym). I love that they’re getting the diversity of everything from Barre to Yoga to Weights. (and more – see What’s on).

I am so all about their moving in as many planes as possible, working their bodies to become flexible, able to balance and with quicker reflexes (Boxing Circuits!) - as well as strong and cardiovascular-fit… and seeing where this takes them.

From a nutritional point of view I offer monthly seminars which help to guide them to a healthier lifestyle. I’m not into ‘dieting’, counting calories, jumping on the scales, or giving yourself a hard time if you consume something delicious because you can’t resist it!

Drop all that!

If you have the odd Cheesecake and you’re happy with where you are in terms of energy, health and body shape – you have the answer! Crack on! I get bored of any chat about ‘diet or weight’! And if you’re a bigger shape and perfectly happy I am genuinely delighted for you (in fact I think that’s brilliant). There are many reasons why we gain or lose weight anyway – it’s not just gluttony or boredom as many might believe. Often it’s simply not ‘listening in’ or not knowing what to do even if you’re listening!

All this said – I have devoted 20 years of my life to this cause and if you are suffering in any way (health) or just NOT happy where you are, but are prepared to simply eat mindfully (No silly shakes or bars and no counting things) ..  NOW I get interested!



Thing is – it can get disheartening as I’ll take a group through a course to get us all fit and healthy and along the way implore clients to do some detective work: (work on what food groups suit them and don’t – and what works in training along with what they enjoy, or can do, due to injuries)…. And it’s hard because it takes a little time and they want results NOW! To this end we now have a questionnaire that will take just 10 minutes to do but will yield EXACTLY what you need at individual level. Please see the ad. It’s free! You’re welcome! 

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