The Truth About Slim People!

November 15, 2017



Rarely do I get excited by any articles in the daily press. Often sensationalist and ‘news for the sake of news’, you’ll find major contradictions within the same issue!

HOWEVER recently I read one that got me totally fired up!

Based on a forthcoming TV programme (Channel 4’s The Truth About Slim People), it practically epitomised all I’ve ever said on the basics of my subjects (namely: nutrition and fitness). My last 4 articles for a local magazine I write for were neatly summarised in a programme I hadn’t even watched yet!

Note:I didn’t agree with EVERYTHING in this programme (as usual – it was focused on SIZE (to the exclusion of HEALTH), but many points remained salient:

‘Anne-Marie, 42, knows that her diet is unhealthy and despite never having exercised, she maintains a healthy nine stone weight and is a UK size eight’.

Everything from her weight fluctuations to her sleeping patterns to her stools were examined on the show. They filmed over 5 days, (then 5 more covertly).

They observed: while she does not exercise now, (she had danced previously), her slim frame is a mystery to those around her (‘she’d catch a taxi to the loo’)! 

Her metabolism is tested: it’s normal. 

During filming it becomes clear she doesn’t eat late at night, snack, or is an emotional eater.

Refreshingly she says: “I eat what I feel like eating and I don’t get too hung up on it” (HOORAY!). In addition - when her physical activity levels were studied, scientists found that despite working in a supposedly sedentary desk job, she never sits still, fidgets constantly, and subsequently expends more calories than most people simply from sitting in her chair! 

After further analysis, experts further concluded that her diet was more balanced than you’d suppose: after indulging in a heavy meal, the next day she subconsciously consumed less food, which experts cited as a significant factor in terms of weight gain.

My take on this? The two studied seemed to have a built in control system, are active, sleep well and have good bacteria in their gut. They ate mainly savoury foods (Junk food was in there and I’d only venture: you don’t want to be slim yet have a heart attack do you?!).

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