No sugar coating this!

October 16, 2017

A lovely lady I’m Personal Training at the moment kept a food diary for me and as I red inked it I noticed she’d apologised for Shepard’s pie. A home made one at that! Eh? Nowt wrong with that! Tuck in!

In fact if I were to advise clients on ONE food group to take out – ONE rule they could get real results from – it would be to take out the sweet stuff to once a week. 

The most recent research now places the blame for the obesity crisis firmly at the hands of LEPTIN RESISTANCE. Think of this hormone as an appetite thermostat (its partner, ghrelin – increases appetite). When you’ve had enough food Leptin SHOULD advise the brain to stop eating, but this neat system now appears to be faulty in many.


Why does this happen? Too much sugar in our daily lives.


This leads to the body thinking its starving so seeking out calorie dense foods.

Worse – to conserve energy – the body instructs its host NOT to exercise as this will further expend precious energy. Further – food never stops tasting divine! So your KEY to losing weight is to reverse this trend, (and kick down insulin resistance too). Conquer your cravings this way: Use fibre (roughage), as the digestive system is slowed right down, releasing less insulin allowing the brain to register that it’s full (vegetables are KING!).


Take 15 minutes exercise as a minimum per day as this helps cells to become more receptive to insulin and leptin signalling. Eat mindfully to help register satiety (ENJOY your food!), and include good quality protein to avoid insulin spikes.


Reduce your white carbs down and don’t be afraid of using high quality fats and oils to make up the short fall (incidentally, a lo-fat yoghurt might contain 4 teaspoons of sugar and even those sugar substitutes will fool the body in exactly the same way as the white stuff itself).


Try to avoid processed foods because those pesky food manufacturers have been incredibly clever in their efforts to save money and increase taste by bulking out their products with sugar and salt. I know from experience how people panic at the thought of taking out what seems like a major part of our lives. The comfort of sweet foods. But nothing will do more for your health.


We’re here ONCE. This is not a dress rehearsal! It's true.



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