Culture Shock!

August 18, 2017


My adorable younger dog Kenzi, had a sporadic problem with itchy skin to the point where she almost had fits (we call it ‘skitty’).

Anyone with a pet or child knows it’s traumatic to see them suffer. I noticed she got it when the weather got warmer and after some investigation and false starts, realised she has a yeast problem. 
Switching her from commercial dog food - kibble - (40% carbs) to their more natural raw meat (4% carbs, as they would in the wild), with raw bones, eggs, fish, salmon oil and offal, has more or less eradicated the problem and they both also get Goats milk kefir to further help balance their gut flora. IF she ever starts to scratch I use Apple Cider Vinegar and it stops in 5 minutes!

This has all delighted me as it’s further proof that the gut microbiome – the diverse community of bacteria that inhabits our intestines - is as pertinent to animals as to us.

Annoyingly, I’m very careful over what I eat yet currently experience many sensitivities, I can't even use Fairy washing up liquid, it has to be Ecover. I can't eat dairy, yeast or gluten, yet my boyfriend can eat anything and ploughs through life trouble free! 
Our gut is, after all, as unique as we are – we are all biologically individual. If the complex balance of ‘gut bugs’ are out of whack, it can affect what diseases we may fall to, what skin complaints we may have, and symptoms such as IBS, headaches, and brain fog. The list is a LOT longer and more diverse than this, and studies have shown gut-healthy foods can even help manage depression. Our gut is starting to be recognised like a second brain!
Clearly, to support your gut is crucial and you may well improve on many further aspects of your health ANYWAY, not to mention the fact that fat loss will happen easily.

Here’s the low down: Avoid all sugar as it feeds the enemy, and go for Stevia instead. (if you must go for anything).
Cut out junk food, opt only for small amounts of low-sugar fruits, (go for lots of non-starchy veggies instead), Enjoy healthy proteins, use LOTS OF healthy fats and oils, (unless you have a medical reason not to), reduce back severely on your carbs and minimize your caffeine consumption, eat non-glutinous grains. 
Enjoy lots of fermented foods, (prebiotics), such as Sauerkraut, Natural Yogurt, Kefir, Kimchi, Kombucha, Tempeh, and Fermented Tofu.

Some of these are so effective they are banned for a week if you ever decide to get tested for your gut flora as I did recently, (as well as heavy metals – but there’s another blog!). 
Ditch the harsh kitchen and loo cleansers (there are probiotic surface cleansers available now too), and get outdoors and muddy as often as possible and stroke ypour lovely pets! Open your windows for as diverse an array of bacteria as possible. for more!

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