July 14, 2017

Are you hard on yourself? Are you too driven?
My mid 20’s 30’s saw me just the same. I used to work a 50 hour week (specialist decorating), often. Then, once here in Hay I worked like crazy for the first 7 years, building up my business. I rarely took breaks, (or even holidays!), and was doing dance aerobics, running, racing, cardio, Kick boxing, Body Conditioning…

What are we running FROM?!

One HOT summer, aerobics was very low on numbers as we were melting! I remember thinking ‘I need exercise that’s quieter, cooler, and less frantic’. So in 2005 I took the Freestyle Pilates course, initially as more of a business decision really. No one would have seen me as being a ‘mind-body’ instructor: I’d tried doing Yoga back in the day; and started well, but by the fourth session, I was doing shopping lists in my head!


Maybe now I was ready to embrace change and slow down a little. This is not an ‘age thing’, I promise you! It’s more about getting wiser to my needs, self-preserving and anti-injury.
That affects my clients as all I do filters down to them! We’re now getting meditative!

Today, I still love my tough circuits-type sessions, Boxing is awesome, and Barre is pretty jumpy - but I’m absolutely committed to the slower sessions because I can now see, and totally endorse that balance is key to everything we do in life. Stress truly is the enemy and can jeopardise your health and hormones.  To find balance is blissful! I now walk my dogs not for exercise, not for ‘fat loss’ but slowly, mindfully - to appreciate our landscape, and soak in our lush green! Balance works in other ways ways too: recently I wanted to feel I could handle any of my classes easier down the ‘studio end’ of the Gym so started a course of progressively much heavier weights (because if you’re strong you can handle anything!). My clients have started joining me! My approach to nutrition is also far softer. It’s simple – if you’re in the shape you want to be, with high enough energy, and not getting ill –just keep doing what you’re doing! And if that includes the odd pud so be it! (if you’re not happy though – let’s tweak it!).

All July I’m offering free health consultations. Just phone, call round and let’s check to see if you’re getting your balance right too?! Ask for Cat



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