Can’t wait to do weights!

July 14, 2017






You’ve started thinking about getting healthy? But it’s where to start right?

I know from dealing with my Club members, class participants and Personal Training clients how hard it can be to keep the fitness and health momentum going, even with the best intentions in the world!
There are so many things to tackle: potentially: your nutrition, cardio fitness, body strength, ‘motor’ fitness (co-ordination and balance). There’s (possibly), cardio machines to master, great technique for the equipment in the weights area, flexibility to conquer, and the classes you fancy to nail. Not to mention tweaking your nutrition to get it just right for YOU (NO generic plan suits everyone, so listening in to what works for YOU is crucial).

With great coaching you can and will accomplish all this, and more. However I’d urge you to focus on one thing at a time. Change one thing, and psychology research tells us your success will be close to 85%. Change two, and that number drops to 35%. Three or more things it drops to <10%.


So maybe choose to focus on ONE aspect of health (and even then you might want to break that down further). So for starters you might work on nutrition and then (as I have urged here many times), take small steps to improve each week. Too many times I’ve observed a client take on too much, fail at one aspect, and then feel they’ve ‘failed.’ Working together, we can retrieve it but they’ll always be wary of feeling inadequate again. If I had to choose I’d go nutrition first and then get very serious and dedicated to WEIGHTS.

How I LOVE weights! Just a few (say 5), simple compound (multi muscle) exercises to start with – working to what you can handle (starting with an 8 rep, 3 set system if you’re age >21).

As it becomes easier you UP the weights! Easy! Your pay-back? You get stronger, and with that, you’ll have more energy for EVERYTHING in life. You’ll start to feel invincible and this in turn will give you the momentum to start reaching out for the aforementioned aspects of health.  You’ll get leaner and burn more calories even when at rest. Everyone can do weights, young, seniors, LADIES (yes you!), and men. Start soon!


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