Metabolic magic!

May 13, 2017

I’ve just got back at the time of typing, from a weekend away, attending the Metabolic Effect Summit in London. It was an absolutely fascinating event with 7 speakers all told, and I took about 40 pages of A4 sheet notes! (My hands were dropping off!).These incredibly gifted lecturers really were at the absolute top of their game and I hung on to their every word because you could bank on whatever was said as being gospel, pure science and to-the-minute currant. No one really knows more.

Everything I learnt there will filter down to my clients and my various courses, my nutritional information and also into the methodology I use in my classes, but it’ll take time to get it all formatted to how I like it, and to make it ‘mine’. (it has to feel right).
However one of the best aspects of the entire weekend is that my career, and where I’ve recently realised I really want to specialise, (and many of my article contents here, and blogging over the last few years bear testament to this flow of direction), is in DIRECT ALLIANCE to the main message Dr Jade Teta (The Metabolic Effect - top speaker), was putting forward:

He spoke much about MIND-SET.
His attitude to nutrition was remarkably relaxed for a man of such HUGE repute in the fat loss world. (Mainly that NO DIET is king, NO diet suits everyone, and to have fun with what you eat!). Obviously there were somewhat more convoluted discussions than this too.

Without the right mind-set most diets will fail anyway, so its crucial!
For him (and for me), STRESS, SLEEP, & LIFE BALANCE are the ‘BIGGEST ROCKS’ (as I call them), to tackle first. Indeed he drew out a pyramid with 4 categories in it. Starting at the base (widest), it went like this: MINDSET, MOVEMENT, DIET, and EXERCISE.

Mind-set was: relaxation, sleep, sunshine, Yoga, Pilates, looking after yourself, and NOT stressing.
Movement was walking, fidgeting, standing not sitting, NOT taking the elevator etc,
Diet was mainly ‘clean eating’ – finding whatever suits you - and using a fool-proof method to do that I LOVED! (I’ll be developing a programme called ‘Design your Diet’ based a lot on what he said).
Exercise is your structured workouts like: running, circuits, boxing, gym machines etc.ALL valid if you want to make changes to your life and longevity.
I’ll put together a bullet point list of the best I got from this weekend.
Email me for it on: it should be ready soon!













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