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April 13, 2017

It’s driving me mad at the moment.

So many of the adverts on our television screens are for what I call the ‘sticking plasters of life’. In other words, so-called ‘cures’ for everything: ‘dual relief’ from heart burn, 100% flake free dandruff, ‘made for you’ headache pills and ‘giving you back your bounce’ multi vitamins to pep you up. 
Beauty-wise is no better: on the menu we have: dry cracked lips, dry skin, and eye whiteners (for starters)!

In the pharma and beauty industries, it is obviously not in their interest to ask the consumer (us) to ‘work backwards’ to cure these problems ourselves, yet with practically every above issue, this is totally within our grasp by simply using what we eat and how well we hydrate as the main players! In fact these kind of complaints are often the manifestation of underlying malnutrition. 
You’d also just as commonly be suffering other ‘stuff’ but not necessarily ‘joining the dots’ to make sense of it all.

As we get older in particular, some of these may also ring bells:

brain fog, mood swings, joint pain, swollen joints, hot flushes, dry skin, breaking nails, and lack-lustre hair all affecting you at one point or another. (or lots together!). The casual reader might simply assume it is her ‘time of life’ but even if this is true – it can STILL be helped massively by tip top nutrition and drinking enough.

In fact on the courses I’ve done on helping my clients through the menopause, the advice is almost identical to treating Adrenal Fatigue (the natural way).

I was only listening to a podcast this morning with a chap who specialises in blood analysis. In his experience practically NO woman reaches her 40’s without some serious deficiencies. 
Up to 80% of women are short in magnesium for example, with many more lacking zinc, vit D, calcium, iron and EFA’s (essential fatty Acids). Even those who ‘look the part’ may easily be affected. This is a shame as this is when we need all these fortifications the most!

If you hit the menopause already deficient and worn out, you can imagine the impact this will have!

It’s not just what you’re not having – we can also wreak havoc in what we use to keep going! Sugar and Caffeine will rob you of vitamins (and make it really hard to lose body fat). 
Alcohol used to 'wind down' will disrupt sleep patterns, tax the liver (which has better things to do), and again - certainly NOT help with fat loss (not to mention ALL of these affecting hydration levels.

Women often wear too many hats and juggle too many plates (!) but when we start to suffer, literally, from malnutrition it really is time to take stock.

For a common sense fact sheet email me: 
let’s stop the rot and thrive!



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