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February 26, 2017

Have you been working out hard, yet not losing body fat? Are you constantly tired and on edge. Are you eating well and hydrated - yet still not getting the results you crave? Do you tend to put others before yourself? Are you getting every cold going? Is this all starting to frustrate you!?

I thought you might like to hear about where my industry is heading and why.
I’ve often spoken here about the need to address cortisol levels (the fat storage hormone), and that no matter how fit and healthy you might feel you are, if you’re not sleeping well, or are stressed (this can take so many forms), you’ll often falter, and indeed – hard core metabolic exercise might be the very last thing you need!
My Personal Training sessions often contain NO exercise (at least to start with), and we might kick off with two sessions of pure talking, then some mellow mind-body sessions.

Many of the clients I see simply want to be happy!



It’s really good to see that the entire industry is starting to embrace this holistic approach, and a course I did last year was RIGHT up my street! (I was on the first course EVER)!
The BrainFit Workout™ recognises that our cognitive thought patterns often comprise repetitive internal chatter (‘self-talk’), which can be stagnant and negative. But we also know it CAN be rewired (a process called neuroplasticity). The session addresses this with movement and music – it’s simply brilliant! I’m not going to give too much away here as to the contents of the workout but the feedback has been truly awesome, and if you also do the ‘homework’, I give out, will truly reinforce what we do in the session.
If practiced regularly enough, with the simplest routine it can, and does: reduce self-sabotage, stress levels, and a lack of confidence, in turn helping us to stop thinking small, and start to live at our full potential.
As I often point out NONE of us are issue free – even the most apparently ebullient there – we all have ‘stuff’ we’d like to improve on.
With clarity given as to the best breathing patterns to calm us and meditation at the end, we are a very long way from the ‘pumpin’ running, beasting’ sessions of the last few decades (although there will always be a place for this and I still run these kind of sessions too).

Fitness is learning to be kinder, softer, and chilled out, but can leave you feeling AMAZING and super positive just like the endorphine enriched metabolic drills you may have experienced.
Never feel guilty for seeking out some ‘YOU’ time. mizzfit@mail.com

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