Get to grip with them chips!

February 7, 2017

Get a grip with Chips!


Not long ago, I was in the Con club eating a prawn salad with a side of chips (the Con easily do the best chips in town!), and a Gym member in there said “Oh! You do chips!!” Howdee – oh yes I do!


Once, in the Blue Boar, after a long (superb) Sunday lunch and spotting my black coffee and an empty wine glass (which had had a large Pinot Grigio in it), a chap walked by and mischievously said “call yourself a Personal Trainer?!”.


My life!


Well yes I DO call myself a Personal Trainer and here’s my stance on all this:

Somewhere between clean eating (which THANK THE LORD is ‘trending’ now), and walking around forgetting you have a BODY underneath your chin which needs some mindful concern…is a place where you can have fun, relax, and yes, eat some naughty stuff once in a while, so long as (and this is a biggie) you know your enemies, and make the right decisions MOST of the time (and one of those decisions might be to chill and have some chips!).

You see: if you deny yourself all of life’s pleasures you’re on a constant roller coaster of what you’ll perceive as failure and success, berating yourself for your ‘lack of will power’, which is a false concept anyway;

Think on! Pitting long term rewards against short term rewards, you’ll definitely fall off that wagon sooner or later (yo-yo anyone?). 


Also know this; there really is NO SHORT TERM MAGIC BULLET, we are in it for the long haul - get used to that, and simply embrace looking after you! You ARE worth it!
However: you’ll get the absolute best results by listening IN!

We are all different. I have no need to lose weight, in fact I’ve had such a ridiculously busy January in the club, that I’m struggling to keep up with myself (I can feel when I’m going into calorie deficit), so the odd bowl of chips isn’t going to harm. However, I also know that Gluten, yeast and sugar definitely are my personal enemies (NB: sugar is everyone’s), so all puds, breads, and pasta is decidedly and strictly off my personal menu until I get myself back in check.


Long term, there are foods that are, across the board, not good, so clean eating IS the way forward, but you need to know what clean eating is, and how to keep the hunger tiger at bay (easy). You can then afford a little slack. 
 For my fact sheet on this: and keep your emails coming in, I love to answer your queries (time permitting!)

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