Winter Blues? Let's cruise.

December 6, 2016

This morning, I dragged myself from my nice warm bed, peered outside to see a hard frost, stumbled into the shower and ran it HOT! This kept me warm until I got the Club. (good trick to remember – leave the shower til the last minute).


I’d promised the girls (another good tip!), to join in this morning’s session so was feeling ‘up for it’ (Boxing Circuits).


One of my bestest members came in and I remarked I’d not seen her lately. She said she was ‘out of sorts’ but couldn’t place why. I suggested she might have the Winter Blues (S.A.D), and hopefully she was in exactly the right place to counter it now!

I made the session super tough as although it used to be a beginners class they’ve all come on so well they’re on a par with the evening class (which is well established).


So we did a station for 1.5 minutes, and I then blended two weights exercises (thinking on the hoof means no two sessions are ever the same), so it might have been (say):


Station then:

Thruster, come in feet in wide and two concentration curls (for 30 seconds), then

Planks Jacks for 30 secs – then repeat to give 2 mins of weights/CV work

then on to the next station etc


ANYWAY – after about 20 mins of this (after the warm up), I could SEE we were ALL on a natural endorphine high (me included! – woop woop!) - and the music so helps!


Afterwards I commented to my friend that I hoped it’d helped and this was met with an definite affirmative.

I also discussed it all with a fellow health professional and she told me that she deals with so many people suffering with depression because they are just NOT getting out in to socialise anymore.
Everyone’s on social media – you FEEL you’re being sociable but it’s a poor relative.


I also know for a fact I NEED GREEN – I have to get outside with my dogs often, or I’d definitely NOT be the same person - especially as I am exclusively in the studio when I exercise, as opposed to running outside.

When in Vietnam recently we spend a few days to start with in Ho Chi Minh City. I went shopping with my daughter one night and kept picking out green clothes – it only occurred to me later - I was getting serious withdrawal symptoms from the Welsh hills!

Are you finding yourself getting sluggish over the winter and spending more and more time indoors eating stodgy foods (which fattened us up against the cold many years ago but is really unnecessary now).

I implore you – seek out a class near you – any class – get in your shower – heat up and then just GO!!

It could easily be your first stop to a brand new winter experience!


And a lighter Christmas too! 

NB - although exercise is nowhere near as effective as what you choose to eat so far as fat loss goes – it is THE BEST for getting you in the right mind set to eat well – not to mention adding to your social life in the most positive way with like-minded people, helping to get you that defined body you always wanted, and a body that can cope with the stresses of life away from the Club as it’s had to train over and beyond normal life.

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Winter Blues? Let's cruise.

December 6, 2016

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