Nom Nom in Nam!

December 2, 2016

I learnt even more about what works for me food and nutrition wise as I just came back from Vietnam!
It's an amazing country and we (me and my daughter Eme, pictured here) adored it.

Essentially one huge difference being on holiday  is you get the chance to be MINDFUL as you eat (back here I'm always either in a rush, or trying to kill two birds as I eat, by reading a paper, checking my diary, or going on FB! My days can feel so condensed I try to multi task as I eat!

There I ate slowly and enjoyed the FOOD, the effort taken to make it and to savour every mouthful.
There was no rush and indeed much of the holiday was based around food. YUMMY YUMMY food at that! 

It's prepared beautifully and I started to appreciate more than ever how important it is for food to LOOK GOOD. If it looks good you're thinking it's delicious before you even start it. It just adds to the experience. 

I also mastered the art of eating with chopsticks! This automatically slows down the rate at which I ate.
We all know this is so good for the digestion, but with a knife and fork we bolt it down don't we?

I ate little and often which suits me (I know not everybody), as I am a fast metaboliser. In Bio Typing I'm a GP type, which is EXACTLY what the huge majority of Vietnamese are.

Here back in the UK, I have two meals a day as I have exercise classes to accomodate, and work around.
But these are big meals to process. Not ideal. I may have no weight issues but it's not kind to my digestive system to process this!


The first two or three days I had jet lag and my sleep was all over the place. I was bloated. The night I got a full 7 hours or so uninterrupted sleep I woke up and my tummy was flat. although I've been advocating good sleep patterns for fat loss for years - I had no idea it worked so fast until that morning! (and there were NO other differences to skew what was happening.


We did loads of walking so kept on moving (all good), and lots of relaxing.  No fight or flight to mess up our fat stores, (apart from the Saigon (HCMC) traffic! 

We indulged in little puddings there. We were on hholiday after all BUT they were not huge stodgy things, mostly light mousses and not too large.
I did NO EXERCISE (As you know I am an instructor/gym prop so I normally do LOTS!).

But I still lost excess fat before I got back (and felt altogether lighter too)

That's another thing too - much of the food is cut small so your half way to digesting it ('your tummy has no teeth!).


My best articles are based on things I'm excited about. I was getting downhearted and even a little bored of nutrition and weight loss but the holiday revitalised me as - (essentially) - they have a lot of the answers!
It made it simple again and not overthinking it (or reading too much about it).

The Vietnamese are super slim. Eme, my daughter - a size 8 was a large over there and I dared not look for me! (size 10/12 would have been XXL!

That said a Mc Donalds has now opened in HCMC, so it's only a matter of time!!.....


VIVA holidays!!



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