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November 10, 2016

There’s a video I put up recently that epitomises all I feel about Fitness and gaining the confidence to start, stick at it, persevere and reap the rewards: a lass is trying to box-jump onto a platform about 16’’ high.
It’s one of those classics where she gets right to the point of jumping then loses her nerve. I hope the box isn’t too hard as each time she tries she gets so close she bangs her shins. It’s funny as hell and she’s really good natured about it, but you can also sense her frustration. Her trainer (who can box jump much higher!), watches bemused for a little while then fetches a tiny platform for her, 1” high. She does it. Then a slightly higher one, slightly higher again, until she finally (on the same session) does it - and the elation she feels radiates from the screen.

THIS is what it’s all about!

I have 6 Personal Training clients at the moment and of those I’d say 5 are simply after getting their confidence back, to the point where they feel empowered to either exercising in a group or building a range of different disciplines to practice at home and with me.
You are NOT alone if you’re not feeling confident – it’s really common and I so get it. Even in the club I am always very aware of the ‘lass at the back’ and how she feels. (I still remember how I felt going to my first aerobics 30 years ago, when it was at its height – I was certainly NOT fit and definitely NOT coordinated)!

I feel fitness is making an important shift in this respect. We’re recognising that there’s FAR MORE to fitness, health and wellness than ‘jumping about’. I’ve often spoken here on how I won’t advise clients to do really metabolic work if they’re already stressed.  


To this end, I was chomping at the bit to do a fantastic course recently which enables me to teach a session called ‘The BrainFit Workout TM’. This uses amazing music, simple choreography, and a sprinkling of magic (I don’t want to give it all away!), ending with a guided meditation section, which will reduce stress, increase your confidence and help to banish negative internal chatter, fusing mind, body and soul with a softer approach than you might be used to. We did our first one a week ago and ended the session feeling really happy, positive, and powerful. Not just for this session but ANY classes you might do (as you can take what we do here away with you to use anywhere – even at home).
Let’s end this year MINDFUL as well as fit!

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