What is your type?

November 3, 2016

1. The plate clearer. You eat everything on your plate possibly til you’re uncomfortably full. “Never waste food” is your mantra. Quantity comes over quality and you find it hard to assess a sensible portion size. Your social life revolves around eating out with friends. What works for you: Understanding portion sizes and what you should be putting on your plate. Top tips: Switch to smaller plates! Chew slowly. Take time over the meal. Remember there is a gap between stopping and feeling full. Find ways to socialise that don’t always focus around eating.


2. The frantic fueller. You’re ‘on the go’, so often eat erratically. You may know good nutrition but your busy lifestyle gets in the way. Hunger comes upon you suddenly; you eat whatever’s available at the time. You skip meals altogether, leading to a late night calorie laden session. What works for you: Structure good nutrition into your day. Space out small, more frequent meals to keep your energy reserves stable. Top tips: Have healthy snacks within arm’s reach. Cut out caffeine, and switch to herbal alternatives or shakes.


3 The carb queen. You find it hard to resist pasta, bread, puddings, & biscuits. Not being able to indulge a sweet tooth causes you to break most diets...You snack in front of the TV. Your energy and blood sugars are sporadic, inducing cravings and crashes, making you moody or irritable, lacking concentration. What works for you: Understanding the principles of the low GI diet may help to stabilise sugar levels. Swap from refined to whole grain versions of carbs for higher vitamin intake and satiation. Increase fibre from veggies. Top Tips: Throw out temptation. Include lean protein (fish, poultry) in your shopping list & try not to eat anywhere else other than sitting down at the table.


4. The emotional eater: Your eating is driven by boredom, stress, or dejection – you get half way through a packet of biscuits without knowing why. You may have grappled with your weight most of your life. What works for you: You need to become more conscious of when and what you eat. You also need to develop new skills for dealing with boredom, stress, or sadness. Hypnotherapy is recommended for this type of foodie! Top tips: You need positive re-enforcers, like pictures, mantras and goal reminders. It may be useful to keep a food AND mood diary to help you track what you eat and when, in relation to your emotions. If you want the longer version of this article e-mail me: mizzfit@mail.com



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