We're NOT all the same!

November 3, 2016

Do you know that the average woman weighs themselves 6000 times over their lifetime? It’s not a bad thing necessarily – if this helps you to keep on track but I’ve honestly had women at the Club who weigh 5 times a day! This may seem excessive (and it is), and unnecessary (ditto!) but to the women who monitor themselves this way it’s essential to them.  Some Personal Trainers and others in the Health Industry, as well as images in the press do NOT help here either – aspiring to perfectly toned, skinny bodies as the ideal to which we should all aim, adding to this pressure to look like models. Are you still trying to aim for the ‘perfect’ body? … If we all ate and exercised the same, (optimally), and meditated every day (in other words, stressed less) for 5 years:               




Many can verify I’ve said this for YEARS, and it may seem controversial to you but stop it now! Aim to be the best you can and that’s good enough!
Although the often offered solution ‘eat less, exercise more’ is not as simple as it sounds - it’s not that far out either, and with a little pertinent advise on the most effective workouts (NOT long endurance marathons they can have the opposite effect), and optimal nutrition (this doesn’t have to be rocket science), then addressing stress levels and definitely getting enough sleep -  if you can stick to it all (this needs another article!), you’ll ‘land’ in the place you deserve to be. I don’t care what ‘dress size’ this is as long as you feel great, glow, have energy and feel good about yourself. The ladies who are the healthiest at the Club (strong, eating well, cardio fit) are often NOT ‘little skinnies’ but can often out-pace most, and feel great. Sometimes they just need to be reminded that this is ALL they need and if have the confidence to drop any residual body issues – they are FABULOUS as they are!

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