Think Thin!

November 3, 2016

A week ago I asked members if they’d like to join in my initiative -  I’d do a FREE Body Composition Analysis report (BCA), NOW, and as many times as they’d like on the run up to Christmas. This being because between now (mid Nov) and Xmas day, the average person puts on 11 Ilbs in weight!!

I figure this is because we simply relax off before the actual day. Bad news for the LBD season girls (lads ignore that bit!).


Now BCA gives you: Weight, Whole Body Fat, Hydration levels, Visceral Fat (torso area), Muscle Mass, Bone weight, Basal cal requirements, and Basal age (the monitor ‘guesses’ your metabolic age. We can also factor in other info such as BMI (Body Mass Index) and more!

Not surprisingly I got 15 (my max), clients lined up in no time at all!
All they had to do was provide a head shot (for accountability), and promise to follow, as best they could, my Weight & See programme. The better they adhered the better the results. But what would REALLY nail it was the fact that all their charts are up for all to see, on the gym ‘FAT WALL!’.  But as they came in, I was struck hard by a surprising fact. Practically ALL the members who wanted this service were already thin – or only slightly over. Why should this be? Are they all vain? Nope – I was up there too!! !


The reason became crystal clear: they all said they wanted to MAINTAIN where they were at , to ‘keep a handle’ on this weight business and PRE-EMPT gaining. Proof that there really is a ‘thin mindset’, that would serve everyone well. Some of the girls I approached to tell of this idea recoiled yet they would often be the ones to most benefit! If you’d like a FREE report on my top 10 tips to thin thinking – email me:  – no obligation of any kind.

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