The essence of life (H2O)

November 3, 2016

My Weight & See course (Nutritional/lifestyle and Health), started last night and we discussed what new habits they are going to form (baby steps as always). Week 1 is always tricky as there are so many principles they need to know – it’s tempting to tell them too much too soon! So I start with the ‘worst baddies’, and the ‘best goodies’, in other words, the food groups that will make the most impact on their health and fat loss. Because if we can get this right, they’ll get FAST results. And when you get results they’ll definitely be listening to the remaining 4 weeks and what I have to impart!
So sugar comes in early, as dropping this or reducing it right down yields: improved energy levels, plumped skin tone, and a myriad of other improvements. (Google: 146 reasons to quit sugar). If you’re then convinced to give it a go (and that list might well do it!) – whatever you do, don’t go looking for products with aspartame, saccharin, or corn syrups to replace it! Your taste buds will adjust but you have to give them the chance to get used to less sweet tastes. Many of these substances have dubious reputations anyway (in terms of medical research). My ladies are also advised to wean off caffeine, (one lady started this early last week, and all her daily headaches have disappeared!), and to start drinking lots of herbal tea, water with lemon or cucumber slices, or (best of all) WATER! A huge proportion of our population are chronically dehydrated, and you’ll be amazed at the impact it can have on your health: Get it right: your entire body flushes through, so you’ll help to avoid constipation, back aches often disappear as even our bones can dehydrate, you’ll find your muscles are less fatigued. Kidneys are able to function better (and less chance of kidney stones). Headaches are often caused by a lack of water AND fat also starts to shift because we often mistake thirst for hunger (so we eat when really your body’s crying out for the stuff!). I have two books here on my desk written by a Doctor who spent his life researching what water can cure, but this is not the place to disclose them and I’ve used up my word allowance! However if you’d like my information sheet on this subject (which also advises you what makes this essence of life even more effective (I need to ask you a medical question first) just email me:



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