The dreaded 'event'!

November 3, 2016

I have learnt plenty from my PT and Gym clients! Personal training can have pitfalls and one I dread is the ‘Event’.

Here a client has the inertia to prepare for an occasion she or he holds dear.

My problem is that once it’s over they often slip back into old habits.

Weddings are probably the most common.


The other no-no  is when it’s not even the client who calls........


Take Alice. About nine months ago I got a call from her mother. Maybe that was where warning bells should have rung: if the client is keen and motivated would they not phone themselves?


She explained that Alice was getting married, and she had various health issues that needed my help, but the main one was to lose weight. I had about 9 months to make a difference. She did no exercise at present and her diet was poor (we did a food diary). My favourite kind of client!! So I had Alice over and we did an initial consultation. A lovely girl, we seemed to connect straight away, in fact as we parted she flung her arms around me for a hug!

Boy, did I do some work with her! Alice had lots of life coaching thrown in for good measure. We evaluated where she was now and what it would take to get her ready for the big day. We then did a periodisation chart where we break down the months into smaller and smaller chunks then cover exactly what we need to do. Post-wedding plans are made too  (life!) Over the weeks we covered nutritional requirements, ‘homework’ (workouts in between our sessions), and working out at the gym, using C.V and a good weights programme.

We got fantastic results. But once the wedding was over she vanished. Fair enough – PT is expensive long term but when I next saw Alice nearly all the weight had returned and her previously healthy glow had vanished.



Lesson: it’s for life and reversibility is certain if you stop. An event is just a blip on your time line!

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