Ten top errors you'll make in health and Fitness!

November 3, 2016



    Believing in ladies magazines and pink dumbells! Let’s get real gals! You’ll NOT bulk up ( do you know how hard it is to do this – I have tried!!) Also – you’ll burn calories with a good cardio session – but your body settles back into normality very quickly – you need WEIGHTS (and nice biggish ones at that) - to achieve the TONE you are after! 3 sessions a week ideally!

  2. The gym is a social place! It is – but chat AFTER your done. Focus on the task in hand and get it done. We have a poster at the gym “unless you puke, faint or die keep going” a bit extreme but you get the drift!

  3. The women you aspire to have been airbrushed. Remember that. We are gorgeous in our OWN SKIN

  4. Don’t waste precious time! Cardio runs for hours is fine, but not the best bang for your buck! I have talked before about the need to interval train over shorter times for MUCH SUPERIOR results! DO IT!

  5. We moan about ‘hormones’ then eat the very foods that make it all much worse. Insulin adrenalin and cortisol all need to be kept in check. Starchy foods will NOT HELP (email me for more on this)

  6. Don’ t follow any celebrity! Check out some of the past ‘gurus’ and see where they are at now!! (big)

  7. Sweat does not = success! Your last vindaloo did not get you into your LBD!

  8. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind and how it affects the body (stress) RELAX and find ways to do so – we all need balance in our lives

  9. Move in circles that will help you to be positive. Moaning about your weight and obsessing about the scales will not help you! Be drawn to friends who are already there in terms of what you seek

  10. You “haven’t got time to exercise” or  “you can’t afford it” “organic food is so expensive” but you’ll spend £200 on a new jacket! Stop making excuses, analyse what you say and change for the better! Just commit to a different priority and you’ll be fine. GO GIRLS!!

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