Spot reduction!

November 3, 2016

In the olden days, we used to say “you cannot spot reduce fat” but at that time we were nowhere near as clued up to the endocrine system as we are now. However it is really important before we start to work on reducing problem areas to make the following point: to identify any given area we must first be sure it really IS a problem area and it is recognised as being bigger in proportion to the rest of your body.
A generally big body all over does not count!
So the areas most likely to give us problems are any one of the following: love handles (insulin resistance), belly fat (Cortisol levels from elevated stress levels, AND insulin), Bra bulge (sluggish thyroid), Big thighs and butt (excess oestrogen), moobs (too low testosterone, too high eoestrogen) and today’s subject “Bingo Wings”.

With all these conditions there are remedies: as you might suspect nutrition is the top of the list (but not all would have the same protocol). Add in exercise to reveal the muscle underneath your newly honed area and finally supplementation, which can be very much the missing key here too. I urge you to seek a consultation if you need to double check IF these areas are genuinely a problem for you, and to get the help you need to address any given area.

Let’s take Bingo Wings as an area we’d like to tackle. Bingo wings are caused by lowering testosterone (T) levels (yes, we ladies have this hormone too!). This hormone boosts libido and energy, & maintains lean muscle. The following are affect T levels: High sugar consumption and a lack of good fats will affect testosterone levels. (IF you are crazy for sugar refer to the book I recommended here last month).


Sex increases T levels so try for at least once a week (!), sleeping well is also vital as this is when T is produced. Stress adversely affects T levels, Yo Yo dieting and lack of exercise are also strong considerations here too. Adrenal fatigue will also impact T levels (this is a whole new chapter!). Suppliments might include quality fish oils, (good fats), and more that will support tired adrenals, there are clever herbs that will manipulate hormones but this is not the place for prescriptions. Exercises that extend the forearm (triceps dips) and a myriad of others will tone this area. Don’t forget the rest of the body needs work too! (G&T’s provide plenty of top classes for the entire body including mind-body for relaxation and de-stressing from life!

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