Sleep your way to the top!

November 3, 2016

Do you ever have ‘bad tummy’ days? Your belly might feel swollen,
uncomfortable or full! Or do you have times where your productivity is
seriously ‘under-firing’? Has your joi de vivre deserted you lately?
It’s maybe time to re-evaluate your sleep patterns here, as a lack of sleep, seen by some as a bonus, as they’ll ‘get more done’ (and we’re all guilty of it), can have serious ramifications. Try doing a cross word after a rubbish night and see where it gets you! A bad nights sleep will raise cortisol levels as the body is stressed. Cortisol reduces muscle mass and raises belly fat – you might even notice this as a day to day paradigm. Long term. less than 6 hours sleep leads to a 30% rise in obesity levels.
(yes you read that right)! Adequate sleep should be a standard part of weight loss programs.  You’ll also observe the day after a bad night you’re less able to see the ‘big picture’, feel less inspired and creative, and may feel decidedly anti-social! You get  so used to it there’s a point in sleep deprivation when we lose touch with how impaired we are. Memory will also suffer. Have you noticed that you’ll feel like you have a hang-over after a short night? (and while we’re on the subject, alcohol will affect you adversely as  you may feel like you sleep deep, but it’s actually a stimulant so you sleep light! Getting 7.5 – 8 hours a night, is optimum, and remember: “every hour before midnight’s worth two after”! If not: Siestas are good! Naps (if you can get them) are the perfect refresher but there are some criteria; 10 – 15 mins MAX or you’ll go into a deep sleep that’s very hard to wake up from. This time period is perfect as you’ll wake fresh, with no grogginess. That afternoon you’ll find cognitive function way improved (all bosses should approve for a potent work force!). Oh, and the perfect time of day to nap is from 1 – 3 p.m. Viva the Spanish! If you need help to sleep email me  I have a very clever trick that works!

I'll be updating this article very soon as I have MUCH MORE on this! 



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