Reprogramme your body our way!

November 3, 2016

It’s a subject that gets everyone heated, and leads to debates that can turn nasty, even amongst fellow professionals, but truth is: no one has all the answers on the best nutritional plan.
Not one single plan suits everyone (we are all different body types and bio chemical individualities).

You’ll have noticed how different we are in terms of some being able to eat loads, yet never put on weight, and others seemingly putting on a stone just looking at a steak and chips! If you know your body type you can ‘run your car according to its manual’ which helps! (I can help here).

Some ‘diets’ or systems designed for ‘weight loss’ make a lot of sense to me and some leave me cold – no amount of persuasion will ever get me to like lo-fat or additive riddled foods .. However I accept that if one works for an individual – especially if they’re in medical danger – it has to be a good thing.
I also love any support group as that’s often what people need – accountability help, and encouragement as well as the sense that ‘we’re in this together’. But what if you’ve tried either with help or on your own, and still fall off the wagon, still yo-yo diet, still look for the quick fix, still switch from one protocol to another?

The ONLY way to make sense of it all is to look within, get mindful, and explore what’s going on psychologically with you, and your attitude to health. Once we recognise our bad choices and why we make them, we can ‘bash them up’. Once we know WHY we can eat the main course til we’re stuffed, yet STILL fit in pudding (!), we can over-ride it. Once we understand: you must allow leeway and have some down time from overly rigid regimes, you’ll factor in success (no one can keep that going for ever!)
Once we stop externalising all we do: by weighing ourselves, measuring food, keeping long term food diaries … (and who wants to be around a human ‘calorie counter’ anyway….), and start to eat intuitively…Then ideally throw in a few meditational exercises, behavioural techniques, educative nutritional know how, and guidance as to your body type – who knows – you might find something you can stick with for life? – YOU!

Look out for the G&T’s social nights – we’ll be delivering just this kind of workshop soon (as well as ones on clutter, anti-ageing, the Menopause), and lots more.



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