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November 3, 2016

This month I’m writing about something I’m starting to feel more and more strongly about. Consider the following statement: ‘Athletes train and eat. They don’t diet and exercise!’  It certainly got me thinking. You see I am SO into the concept of simply moving more and eating well (THEN the fat loss being incidental) – I’m starting to get frustrated with the ‘diet and exercise’ words!
I do many Inductions where it’s obvious the client’s come in to ‘lose weight’ first and foremost, and THEN go through whatever motions it takes to do this! Once in the club, we can try to direct members to the best classes for them and show them some great methods to use in the gym for these results but if they’re there because they feel they ‘have to be’ it might not work for them. They only need to switch their mind set. Hey - at G&T’s we do some tough classes and there are some very FIT members, no doubt about it, but they’re often the ones who are there for years – they’ve already made it part of their lifestyles! What I’m REALLY coveting for my clients is GENUINE overall health, not (just) creating skinnies! I’d love everyone to get into fitness as a hobby again (like in the olden days), not do it because they’ve read in some glossy they need to look ‘sleek’ and the only way to achieve this is to ‘diet’ and go through some motions on the treadmill. I also love to help them address their stress levels, level up their hydration and do classes across the board (cross training is the best!). Constant cardio is no better than only doing Yoga for example. Getting stronger for ‘toned’ arms (say) is one thing, but my favourite feedback is when a client tells me she or he is better able to carry heavier loads (be that shopping or bricks!). Getting breathless on the elliptical will also mean you can run about with your children or grandchildren without collapsing!  So let’s see what we can do about your blood pressure, your diabetes, let’s gain the endurance to explore our mountains, and maintain our flexibility as we get older so you can do up your back zips! Let’s get you stronger to pick up your bags of grass cuttings … let’s give you simple advice on nutrition you can really follow! THIS is what real health is about, not constantly weighing yourselves, ‘checking your abs and improving your glutes’! It’s really important you find a class, activity, sport or gym that suits you and that you enjoy.
Whatever you find, get fit because you want to enhance your lives, allow FUN to enter the equation, and the rest (the body you want) becomes a by-product!



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