Positive outcomes

November 3, 2016

Do you feel you start off with the best intentions in health, fitness or ‘diets’ then self-sabotage?
We’re perfectly able to assess risk and danger for our children and lead them away, or at the very least limit their exposure to it. So if they pick up sweets we say “you can have a few today, but only chocolate, not hard boiled”.  We're setting limits right?  Do this for US?!
How do we keep on the ‘straight and narrow’ MOST of the time? (you have to live too!). I have lots of ideas!
1. LOOK AHEAD. Keep reminding yourself of what your mission is in terms of POSITIVE OUTCOMES - in this case the BENEFITS of your adherence! If you're a ‘Visual’ person this might be sticking a picture of yourself at your best on your fridge, if Auditory, you might do a mini recording outlining the benefits to replay when weak! (easy nowadays on our phones), or if ‘Kinaesthetic’, you could even, as you think of the benefits, do a pinch between thumb and first finger, (making a connection which is then repeatable as a physical trigger, every time you want to be reminded or feel you'll about to falter) 
2. Keep reminding yourself of your IMPROVEMENTS! 
Use the most appropriate method for you. For me (visual), writing it down would work best. You'll definitely be GETTING signs of improvement but sometimes it's insidious. I get this a lot in the gym - clients getting fitter but they forget just how UNFIT they were when they joined (I notice for them though!) These on-going achievements need noting!
3. Ask “what can I do NOW, decision by decision, to keep it this way”. You'll have great days, you'll have less inspired ones but as long as you're moving forwards you're on to a winner! SO for example - if fat loss is your mission, you might slip to chocolate occasionally, but make it DARK!



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