No Pain, no gain?

November 3, 2016


Have you ever wondered why so many actively avoid the local fitness classes, health clubs and many sports available? Hell, you might be one of them! Things are improving though: 16.9% now play sports 3 times a week, up from 15.5% in 2005/6. (I remember MUCH lower figures than this!). However a massive 52.3% of adults do no exercise at all. We know the cost to our health and I won’t waste precious space here going through it all, (briefly obesity, heart disease et al), BUT this issue needs looking at!

In chatting to ‘abstainers’ it seems it is often the thought of being ‘beasted’ with a muscle bound ex-soldier trainer (if we’re lucky right girls haha?!), counting out 100’s of reps.


In addition this may be in a big group where you feel intimidated, pink, and out of your depth,  This is the death knoll to starting up! But do you know what – although the best results DO COME with hard work (in time), trainers are clued up enough to start you off gently and progress you at a pace you’ll manage, or offer classes at entry level from which to progress. We also screen you to see what you can do and what needs adapting or modifying to suit you. I promise you I’ve had ladies in their mid-60’s starting with huge trepidation who can now do (I kid you not), full body press ups! (I’ve had one do an ‘interview’ here - you may recall!). I implore you to just start at a local class made for you (there are so many now), and then ‘keep your hand in’ with something each week, even if just one session!

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