Move to lose!

November 3, 2016

You’re on the way to fat loss success.
The scales are shifting in the right direction.
Your clothes feel looser and you have the support you need to keep this going. All is well with the world!


Many of you now know that it really can be simply thinking about (and following through) with what we put in our mouths. (and what we avoid). Many though, still eschew exercise - if indeed, if you’ve come this far without it, why do you need to put it in? Funnily enough I asked the ladies on my nutritional course just that this week! Not all of them are gym members or some might be, but for the Yoga/Pilates sessions, disregarding the more metabolic classes. I first demonstrated two types of exercise protocols to them – one is just 4 minutes long – and could be tagged on to the end of a dog walk (say), just using their garden step (say). The other is just 8 minutes long and is based on rest. (sort of!).
I simply wanted to show them that to get fit you can do this with very little time to spare but it should be done! We then spent some time talking about WHY they might think losing girth (aka weight/fat loss) might work better with exercise added to the mix rather than nutrition alone.
We came up with the following:
If you’re losing body fat successfully you’ll need to build some muscle or you end up with loose skin where the fat used to be. This is what ‘tone’ means really – if you get your body fat down and muscle up you end up with ‘definition’ which is what many covert. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat so all your efforts are even more sustainable.
Just as relevant, if not more so, are the psychological effects of exercise. You are less likely to fall off the wagon food wise if you’ve just spend time exercising. It’s also a displacement activity – time spent in the gym, running club, swimming or fitness class is time away from the pub, eating out or thinking about food! You’ll also be with like-minded people. One reason I have so much time for my members is our common denominator – we’re all in the business of self-improvement, all pushing forwards in the right direction. We know the benefits of exercise (flexibility, balance, anti osteo-porosis etc etc). it’s why to do it with regard to your slimming intentions I’m getting at here.
Most of all: do it because you CAN. Movement is integral to our lives and living.

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