Move the goalposts!

November 3, 2016

Did you get yourself into shape for the summer? Is it all starting to slide? Hang on!

With each article I write, I try to write from grass roots level, (as opposed to topics you could just Google).

This community and I have worked together in fitness and in health for 17 years now, so I feel there is plenty of I can call upon from the ‘gym floor’ so to speak! Over any given year the numbers in the Club will wax and wane, and yes; reliant on the usual: ‘get a dress size smaller for Christmas’ (SORRY – WAY too early to be using that word!), or get ‘Bikini ready’ around May - and we’d be mad to ignore that.  However it also often occurs at an individual level; that a client comes in, and in the Induction mentions a forthcoming wedding (attending, let alone being the bride!). The wedding, beach, xmas, skiing, mountain trek, et al, come and go and their momentum hits a brick wall. Their ‘driver’ has gone. However all is not lost! You simply think of another exciting event and then work as we do when Personal Training: Grab a yearly wall calendar, and mark it off! IN BIG (as Judge Rinder would say!). If you don’t have an event, find one, having first identified what makes you tick: is it your BODY you want to improve – well think of something where it’ll be on show and book it in (we do group photoshoots as a driver – trust me that works!). If you want to be running fit – book a race – this can be a short distance event if needs be – don’t terrify yourself!). Then work backwards from this event and chunk it off into smaller periods of time. Then identify your end line, and work this into smaller periods to make it more manageable. So: you have a 5k run (end line) in 3 months. You chunk it down to monthly, or even weekly blocks if you prefer. You’ll aim for 3k in the first month, 4k the second (say) and you’ve nailed it by the event.
This is very simplistic – you may need training advice, but it gives you management over your destination.  You could apply these principles to weight loss, dress size, strength… just ensure that calendar is where you can see it and tell all your friends of your intentions.


Better yet get them to do it too! THEN plot your next event, making it as fun and inspiring as possible. Next thing you know – you’re fit for life! Easy!

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