Methods there are many, principles are few…

November 3, 2016

Having served the Fitness and Health Industry since 1997 (eek!), I’ve seen fads come and go in exercise and nutrition.. Let’s see : Aerobics, Step, Slide, Glide, Line dancing, Zumba, …. Atkins, the Cabbage soup diet, Grapefruit, Slim Fast..

And looking at this list you’ll know that some still have value and some seem, well, just a bit silly? We’ve all ‘been there’ because they are all very clever at their marketing. Us fit pros jump on the latest band wagon too – (or not, if you’re selective, or, in my case, too proud, to my eternal financial detriment!) – and we all get reeled in, as these methods are seen as a quick fix OR we’re just looking for a bit of fun, something new. The trouble is once these fads are gone, once ‘the party’ is over, they leave us with a vacuum, which can only be filled with …. Yet MORE hype, a new trend, new book, the next promise of losing a dress size overnight!
Box clever – look at classes and nutritional PRINCIPLES that never change. Sports science is ever evolving and this is a good thing but there are some nutritional foundations that remain constant. I can tell you NOW what is just about to hit the fitness scene and they’re GOOD, BUT we’re also just about to get REALLY busy in our sports injuries clinics for those who are any less than super fit. I can also tell you now there is a huge wave of new supplements just about to hit the shelves BUT they can never replace good, wholesome and REAL foods!  If you want to be taken care of properly and ethically, with YOU and your body type, YOU and your fitness level considered get yourselves to a local fit-pro who can assess you as an individual. No hype!



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