Meltin' Muffins!

November 3, 2016

Muffin tops are becoming an epidemic, can you guess why?

CARBS!! We are eating, as a nation WAY TOO MANY BAD carbs! Fizzy drinks, alcohol, white foods (plastic bread, white pasta, white rice, sugar).



Here are my top tips to help:


  • Pinch your muffin fat! If cold it is fat, if hot it is easier to get rid of!

  • Insulin receptors sit here hence the response to sugar and carbs

  • Drop all the above AND fruit. They HAVE to go if you are serious. , and never fruit for breakfast.

  • At the very least time them better (post work out)

  • Apples are an exception – apple peel contains ursolic acid which is great to help reduce fat, cholesterol and blood sugar as well as building muscle tone. Berrys, lime and lemon are pretty good too

  • No dried fruit – very high in sugar.

  • Cinnamon tea is GOOD as it regulates sugar levels

  • Fenuplex supplements are brilliant for love handle fat

  • Coconut oil will also help to carb carb cravings as it acts almost like a carb – athletes take it by the spoon. I used it heaps when I did the MIM programme

  • Use lemon juice on salads to sex it up and eat LOTS of fruit, veggies and water

  • Also – use very good fish oil supps – good oils (flax too) are superb to rid you of bad fats!

These are my top tips for muffin fat. Ask me another! For TONS of good advice go



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