November 3, 2016





Health & Fitness Myths!


It is quite a revelation putting this together as it reminds me just how far and fast Sports and Fitness science moves! Again – I am going to make a smallish basic list – if you’d like any advice please feel free to call me for a no-obligation discussion on anything you like!! Please leave a message and I promise to get back to you (or e-mail).


  • You cannot spot reduce areas of fat! I USED to say this – and in terms of ‘toning’ it still holds true. However,  you CAN reduce tummy, butt, and muffin top fat IF you know the cause  which is hormonal (the Endocrine System),

  • Endless sit ups will get me that six pack! Nope! There are 3 perfect ideals for a 6 pack:
    nutrition, myotatic crunches and working transverse abdominals – oh, and fixing tight flexors will really help to tilt the pelvis back so giving the appearance of a flat tum!

  • Running for hours is great for fat loss. It ain’t bad – but there are better ways. Love it? Carry on, but if you’re after a better effect for fat loss, in just 15 minutes we can tell you how! Burning cals even after you stop!

  • “If I am a woman I will bulk up with weights” NOT SO! We have less than a 10/th  the testosterone of men (often a 40th). Even THEY need to work HARD to gain mass. With the right reps and weights you burn body fat and look good – you just need to know what this all means!! 


    And lads – do weights if nothing else!










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