Letter to your body

November 3, 2016


I thought this week I’d get YOU to do some work!

This is an exercise I developed as part of my Weight & See lifestyle programme (Nutrition, Exercise, and Mind Health!), as well as my personal training clients

Take your time with this and I promise you’ll find it incredible helpful, powerful, and possibly life changing.  It is very good for those who have a negative body image.

Essentially we are writing TO our body whatever we may feel towards it, as if to acknowledge what it has been through. I suspect those of a certain age realise how well our bodies actually serve us and how we have wasted WAY too much time worrying over silly things.
What I am HOPING will happen is that you'll (in the act of writing), realise what a BLOODY MIRACLE they are and how often the body knows best, even when it appears to have let us down....Guidelines might be (but this is YOUR letter, not mine), to start with a time line:

Maybe start from birth onwards. i.e: were you born with any medical problems?

As you got older did you excel in any way for which you can thank your body? And later in life perhaps: Have you ever abused your body in anyway? If so why when and has it recovered (this might be drugs, starving, overeating, drink etc).What amazes you about your body? Have you ever had to 'fix' your body in any way (surgery, cosmetic or needed etc). What have you done to improve your body? Was it worth it or did you obsess unnecessarily? Ha!


This is a question we have covered before:

Are you unhappy with any part of your body (avalanche!!). Have you learnt to live with this? What it changing as you get older? Have you ever had the experience of childbirth? What should you be appreciative of? Are you?!Do you take it for-granted? OR Do you work at it? Have you ever been really ill? Are you over it? What did you learn from it? Do you appreciate how we ARE what we eat - do you think your bod is getting the best from you in this sense? And there will be more as you go through the years. I bet my bottom dollar you’ll remember just what a miracle the body is and I hope you focus less on wobbly bits and more on nourishing this fantastic vehicle of ours. Join www.weightandsee.ning.com for more like this!

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