Juice Joy

November 3, 2016

This year is flying isn’t it? At G&T’s we’re already on week 3 of my live “Weight & See” course and we’re seriously rocking it! Last week I made them a beautiful bright green juice they thought was kiwi – it was in fact spinach, apples, banana and lime juice, and mind-blowingly good for you! Home juicing will open up a world of different tastes and textures for your palette. It is a fantastic way to get a huge hit of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, in just a few gulps. Enzymes found in raw foods are protein molecules which: Digest our foods, destroy toxins, break down fats and cellulose, and metabolise starches and proteins There are 2,500 different enzymes in the human body. They’re the catalysts that make metabolism happen. If we have low enzyme activity this can lead to problems such as: being less able to work at our peak, less able to fight illness and repair injured cells, and less able to renew, defend and support our systems. You may have: Intestinal problems, mal-absorption, heartburn, burping, flatulence, bloating, ‘fuzzy’ headedness,  and lethargy.

Low enzyme activity is one of the most prevalent problems in Western society today; the implications of our fast living, fast food approach


cannot be underestimated and juicing can help redress this balance, using fruit and especially vegetable and is obviously superior to the powdered green drinks and supplements available. It’s a creative way to get goodness into your kids too, and they love to help – it’s fun to do (albeit a bit messy!), AND they’ll be more likely to drink what they’ve made! Fresh juice is very different to shop bought. Shop juice may have sat in a carton for weeks before you taste it, losing a lot of its goodness. Your homemade version will be sweeter, creamier, FRESH and have far more variety than shop bought. You’re adding to your daily water intake, as fruit and veg have tons of pure, nature-filtered water in them. Some people even swear they  get a ‘high’ from home made juice! If you’d like the full version of this article as well as lots of juice recipes from my recipe book FREE please e-mail mizzfit@mail.com and you SHALL receive!



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