It's out health let's take control!

November 3, 2016

Sometimes in the month between writing one article here and the
next;  so many events, personal experiences, media stories, or
comments are made on one subject it’s as if the universe is contriving to force the next topic! It almost writes itself! Such has been this month!
OK: we all know the NHS is struggling. At its worst, we’re getting appointments with the Doctor sure, but maybe 2 weeks hence. Then once you’re in the system, it may feel as if all your body parts are being treated by different departments with none really communicating to join up all your dots. Further, in the effort to provide uniform care for all, this may add to the sense we’re not being treated as an individual. To make sure they leave no (litigious) stone unturned we can be overly tested, diagnosed and treated. Of course in some ways this thorough approach is a good thing, and I’m certainly not knocking the NHS – they’re under huge pressure and have to watch their backs.  At its best it’s remarkable: the best in the world, with compassionate staff and brilliant knowledge – international pioneers. But in any event - there is a way forward here, of taking control of your own health, to help stave off the preceding issues of those more serious ones needing medical intervention. Put another way; If we can start to improve our lot with (here we go again!) – making good choices with our nutrition, getting out into fresh air, moving!, dropping bad habits, getting enough sleep, trying to reduce stress, and listening to what’s going on with your body then we’re giving ourselves a hugely improved chance of not going to see a Doctor at all! This way at least we’re in charge, pro-actively working with what we have and making the most of our lives! (in addition you might even start to feel just a little bit fabulous)! If you’re hesitant to start please e-mail me: for my fact sheet: “Self Health” with no further obligation. Or just e-mail for help – I love your e-mails!



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