I'm intolerant of intolerants!

November 3, 2016

 I report on an issue from the Hypnotherapy course I did, which sparked a ‘lively debate’ between myself and a chap on the course. But this is particularly close to my heart.


We were discussing how to deal with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which can be treated very well with hypnotherapy. He suggested an approach which would infer it was all in the mind and I questioned it as the best technique to use. In his opinion it IS all in the mind. I then cited a friend who’d had it and experimented with her diet until she found it was vegetables that triggered her IBS.
That proved it, he said – she was trying to avoid vegetables!!
But she LOVES veggies I countered – you might as well say that my Gluten Intolerance is all in the mind!
“It is” he said. He got both barrels. (dick!)

But it made me wonder – how much ignorance IS there in the world to these very real issues? In my experience I have come across PLENTY of clients who suffer from bloating after eating bread. Why does this happen? The body is trying to flush out what it sees as a toxin. 15% of Americans are said to have intolerance and it’s not always easy to spot as the symptoms are so wide ranging; muzzy headed, aching joints, bloated and gassy after meals, mouth sores, cramps, skin rashes, nerve pain, and many more. It can be wheat (common), rye, barley, or dairy that affects an individual (and some more unusual ones. And we've not even touched upon the far more serious ALLERGIES and Coeliacs sufferers. (but they appear to be taken more seriously!). Please see a medical professional before you take out ANY food group from your diet but at the same time, I urge you to listen to your body and notice what flags up when you eat certain foods. It may be that you’re FINE and can eat everything with no ill effects.



I personally love my food so much I wish this were the case for me! Having said that to be wheat free is actually a terrific protocol and avoids many ‘baddies’!

Restaurants take note – we’re a growing population and we need catering for – we’ll be back for more if you do! Rant over!!

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