Get Fit Fast! HIIT

November 3, 2016

For decades, people have been taught the wrong methods. They have been focusing on the number of calories they burn during their workouts. Some, (and I've seen this at my gym), do cardio machines for ages at low-med intensity because “they need to burn 700 calories.”
The good news: Long Cardio sessions are now totally outdated IF you are doing it to lose weight/body fat/girth. Have you ever noticed the amount of gym bunnies that work-out at the treadmill for years, a few times a week, and yet never actually seem to change shape? They might not actually even last that long – as they get disillusioned pretty quickly. They will also be far more prone to injury. The way forward is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). 
HIIT has been shown to burn up to 6-9 times as much fat compared to steady state cardio (long distance running, walking, etc). HIIT doesn’t just get rid of the fat faster than steady state cardio. It also improves your anaerobic capacity, your aerobic capacity, your speed, and your explosiveness. The ‘wave effect ’is also very good for your heart.
This is also good news for us as trainers. Our clients are less likely to injure themselves; we can ‘sell’ short workouts much easier than long ones! And the results will astound you.You can tag this to the end of a good dog walk or whatever gets you warmed up.   Clients, (in my experience) LOVE this type of training too, and get fit, fast. I use Tabata training in the gym with all levels of fitness, and not one member of all ages has not liked it. (It lasts 4 minutes which helps!). We stick to the same (fast) music, and we progress from ‘shallow’ movement, to deep range, but all in time with the same BPM (beats per min). We then add in more to the exercise (for example, squats, to squat jumps, to weighted jumps etc). If you’d like to experience this type of quick training call 01497 822995 and I’ll take you through a session FREE! 20 mins all in! (after a quick health assessment / warm up of course!)  cat



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