Food that harm, foods that heal

November 3, 2016

Are you feeling run down, susceptible to all sorts of cold and flu? Spending a small fortune on hair and make-up products to add gloss and lustre? Skin a little dry? That dratted mirror and that unkind light making you feel you’re looking a little older than you should?
Well: running the Weight & See course for the last 6 weeks (4 to go), I’ve been helping them rediscover their vitality as they shed body fat. We all do this journey together but at our own pace. It’s had me walking the walk as never before and really examining what I do, how I train, what I eat. The impact of it all makes us focus on this simple and well-worn sentence, but one we disregard at our peril;
We really ARE what we eat and MANY of the illnesses, ailments, skin complaints, PMS, menopausal symptoms, and even how we LOOK are often dramatically changed once you start to introduce fresh wholesome foods IN and take sugar, alcohol, (sometimes dairy, sometimes wheat), OUT. 
I am compelled to say here – always seek your Doctor’s advice if you’re not sure where to head, but with a little professional help from a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, or even some very good books, it is simply not a problem as there are alternatives galore these days. Add in lots of water or herbal teas and your hair, nails and skin will soon take on a new sheen. Do you know many back aches are literally caused by de-hydration? Try water! Add seeds, fish, a few nuts and heaps of vegetables and many further complaints would disappear. Even depression and mood can be lifted with the right foods (e-mail me for further worksheets on this – it’s too huge a subject to cover here). You can easily carry a food intolerance that might manifest in ways you’d never imagine. Hives, muscle and joint pain, mucus formation, rhinitis (a drippy nose), sore throats, muzzy headedness.. too many to list here. Go to your surgery or Google any of the complaints above and you’ll get a lot of medicinal advice, and pharmaceutical pills to pop. I say save your GP’s overcrowded surgeries with minor problems, and try food first (with good advice behind you as it can be a minefield). At the very least follow taking out the baddies and introducing known goodies and see what happens!



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