Falling off the wagon

November 3, 2016

A fellow fit pro was berating the fact that last weekend he’d fallen, spectacularly, off the wagon. He didn’t detail exactly how, but it tends to fall into two camps: he’s either normally SO good that two halves of lager feel like the ultimate sin, OR, like most of us, he really had hammered it and was too ashamed to say.
Either way he got plenty of encouragement to get back on! (which he would have anyway, knowing him as I do).  In an effort to make him feel better, I said to him: if you took yourself back to the Hunter Gatherer age, and imagine yourself to be a very selfish member of the tribe – you’ve simply stumbled across a very big berry bush, gorged on it, and not shared!

Hunters aside, how DO we ‘get back on it’ if we’ve stumbled? For many, life is very black and white, and that’s exactly the trouble. If you FACTOR IN for such events it makes a lot of sense; You’re then allowing for our frailties, and the psychological impossibility of following any training or nutritional regime ‘forever’ without a break. The 80/20 rule makes a lot of sense: Be very good 80% of the time, but allow a 20% clearway for cheat meals and rest days. Make your own rules here – but stick to them.

At the club I’ll say to clients: determine the MINIMUM amount of times you can make it in a week but be realistic, or it won’t work. Then make it for that session/s (I’d rather they said “1 session a week”, but definitely made it, than say “I’ll make 3” and attend two). Again – you’re factoring in being realistic and then ‘keeping your hand in’. Also - you may have noticed: bad habits are really hard to break. Far better, from a Neurolinguistic point of view, to simply exchange these for new, good habits until they crowd out the old. So you see, there’s more to it than saying “dust yourself off and carry on”. You need to look at WHY you’ve fallen, hopefully in the minutest detail, and see that each time you DO mess up, it’s a further opportunity to examine this closer each time.



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