Bore off - do an INTERESTING workout!

November 3, 2016

Here’s a little something you don’t know about me!
Gyms bore me rigid! To clarify (quickly!); if they’re run in the traditional way…

Noticed the girl on the treadmill, coming in for years? She runs for hours yet her body’s exactly the same as when she started? See the lad doing concerted weights, then sitting for ages between sets? I mean what a waste of HIS time! I understand his methods, but there are newer, fresher methods to employ, which are effective, time efficient…and fun!
I always ask my clients to tell me the instant they get bored, as I’ll always give them something new to do but some resist change, (or pain!) and stick to what they want to do and sure enough – ennui WILL set in. OR they keep going for years (with wills of steel presumably!) - but plateau.
It’s NOT even necessary to do a long workout. In fact let me share a ‘workout of the week’ I put up recently, that lasts just half an hour but will rev you up and give you something to work towards. (+ have real impact for fat loss and cardio benefits).

Set your stop watch ready to go. You’ll be working until it says 30 mins. Get on a rower. Do 250m. Get off, do 15 press ups. Get on again for another 250m. Get off, do 10 press ups. Get on and do another 250, do 5 press ups, last 250 – 5 press ups. Go to a treadmill and for the remainder of the 30 mins go as FAR as you can. Bang on 30 mins: record your distance.

This system is transferable for anyone! Next time you did this you’d want to improve your transition times, and work that bit harder to improve YOUR distance (there’s no need to set yourself up against another). We hold a folder with 30 such challenges to liven up your routines! These short, sharp sessions (as well as mixing up gym with varied classes) will ensure you the BEST health and best chances of adherence. As with ALL smaller gyms we like to KEEP our clients, so ignore the cynicism you might come across in the media. Long term clients are our lifeblood! Breathe new life into your routine – email me and I’ll gift you a pertinent-to-you challenge!



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