Be happy!

November 3, 2016

If I wish anything for readers in any given year it is for health and happiness, so what better opportunity than to try to explain the link between the two!  
Our pursuit of happiness is supposedly strong yet we’re fantastically good at sabotaging our own efforts. We maybe remain in jobs we’re not happy with, destructive relationships past their sell by date, eat the very foods that ultimately make us miserable, spend too long inactive - wasting our lives away, or rush about never really being ‘in the moment’!

IF you can address the very things that cause you unhappiness you’ll often find many long term health problems vanish or greatly improve and this is almost bound to be associated with the endocrine system. This arbitrates the close relationship between the mind and body – emotions like fear, tension, love or hate, all influence hormonal activity as well as complete disharmony.
A key winner here is exercise as this can give you a boost with endorphin production which in turn will make you feel happy whilst also boosting the immune system. Improved resistance to diseases ranging from the common cold to heart disease, are noted, while stress, anxiety and unhappiness tend to make people even more susceptible to illness. Antibodies are up by as much as 50 %with moderate exercise! (not too much or the opposite effect may occur).

Lastly, Cortisol levels are also reduced, (released when your body experiences stress). A little bit  helps the immune system, but too much weakens your ability to fight illness. The fact that exercise decreases the level of cortisol in your body also explains why it decreases feelings of anxiety. It's easy to see how a workout keeps you healthier and hence happier. See you in a Club soon? Sort out the rest of your life (We can’t help you with your career!), and let's get you in gear! 



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