Are you moving TOWARDS, or, AWAY FROM? Setting goals

November 3, 2016

This is from my hypnotherapy course where we had  an interesting discussion at which even the lecturer felt he’d love feedback, as it isn’t an easy one!

If I think of my weight loss clients it explains a lot. I shall explain: when setting any goal you’ll be more motivated when you normally analyse exactly what it is you

1. WANT to achieve (In weight loss terms this might be a sexy new dress, a smaller waist, compliments, a new man….!). In other words you are running towards these acquisitions in your thought process, OR

2. do you focus on what you want to ‘leave behind’ (the scales on a permanent high, the fat wobble, the size (x) dress,) …

Have a think about which one motivates you before I press on! Now in my dealings with clients I have had frustrating times when I am getting fantastic results, and then they just ‘slide’! In the light of this research I am now wondering which type they would have fitted and from what I can see it is likely to be the ‘moving away’ from group!



You see, if you’re aiming to move ‘towards’ you’ll be aspiring to things that can only get closer to you as you succeed. If you’re ‘moving away’ then as you lose weight, your ‘driver’ is literally diminishing! You’ll then have less motivation and come to a halt. This was a real light bulb moment for me – it explains (possibly) many of the frustrations I’ve had over the years. Incidentally, you might be a ‘moving toward’ person with another goal – but ‘away from’ for weight loss and health – If so you might consider this. Either make a list of towards goals you can also use OR use your away from motivators but re-set them, to make the new (smaller) you, the new ‘now’ from which to work away from! Get it?! If not call me!

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